Saba (2010)

Magical island in the clouds

Saba is magical! A fairy-tale community of white houses + red roofs built on a steep volcano.

There’s only one road, which is referred to as ‘the road that could not be built’, because Dutch engineers said the volcano was too steep to built a road.

But Sabans are resourceful. In the 50’s one guy took a correspondence course (!) in road building and they hand-built their road on their rock.

The highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands is Mt Scenery (887m). The way up counts 1064 stone steps. A tough walk through beautiful green rainforest, rewarded with spectacular views of the island.

Saba knows zero crime! Can you imagine never having to lock your house and just leaving your keys in your car?

I painted easter eggs with a local doctor and his family on Saba. The most beautiful view from their cute house on the volcano. I tried to paint the view on my easter egg…

Saba is even more beautiful under water than above. I went snorkeling at Diamond Rock and saw a barracuda, a turtle and two sharks (a bit too close!)

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