Inspiration shot Winter (Feb) 2012

Fun videos

Saving time with clever software

Inspiring websites

Wolfram Alpha
is a scientific knowledge base. How many times does The Netherlands fit into the USA? How high is Canada’s highest tower? Do you want to compare countries, do you have questions about history, science or geography? You’ll quickly find the correct answer.



This site lets you upload, group, tag and publish your documents. You can trace how many times they have been viewed. I have transferred my entire media archive to Scribd. My site doesn’t contain any more documents, only links to scribd.

Social media tips

If This Than That. This is a great website where you can link all kinds of social media sites and apps and schedule tasks. Think of all the things you could do if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that). For example: if it is one of your Facebook friends’ birthday, you can automatically send a personalized message. If I get a LinkedIn invitation from a certain group, send me a message via Twitter. Or: send all my friends a personal message at 1 past 12 on new years eve while I carry on partying… More ‘recipes?’

Facebook timeline.
Recently all Facebook users have been transferred to timeline; a new way of displaying your posts, photo’s and other data. First I was frustrated that his change was ‘forced’ upon me, but then I found out it only takes 5 minutes to personalize your timeline. Mainly it means choosing a cover picture. Adding any other info is optional and can be done later.

Personal news


Tropical dream While you are reading this, probably in the office or at home, I am sailing the Caribbean again for two months, starting at Puerto Rico. Finding inspiration in nature and culture, reading lots of books, meeting interesting people and visiting new places. Want to join the fun? You can follow my adventures and insights on Twitter or Facebook.

Workshops Writing your book? Becoming a key-note speaker? Updating your website? Generate free publicity? Boosting your business? From the end of April till the start of June I am organizing a number of fun and practical workshops in New York, Amsterdam, Austria and Curaçao.

Coaching More and more people ask me to help them getting closer to realizing their dreams. Whether it is thinking about your next career step, writing a book, one on one speaker or brainstorming about a new concept; I’d love to share my experience, enthusiasm and creativity and release them onto your problem or challenge. We can do this during a walk in the park of Nyenrode castle (where I live when I am in the Netherlands), in a café or via Skype. More info?


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