Inspiration shot winter 2015

Can you imagine going to a party and having various people asking when your next newsletter is due? It happened to me several times, lately. It feels surreal, but I am happy to know that my collections of special links are appreciated. I am proud to present the results of yet another six months of ‘hunting’ for the most extraordinary stories …

Interesting people

Hans Fex

Hans Fex has been dreaming about a ‘mini-museum’ since he was 7 years old; a collection of artifacts that fits your pocket. His entire life he collected specimens like fossil dinosaur excrement, meteorites and foil from the original Apollo spaceship. He invented a way in which 100 people could enjoy their own mini-museum of little pieces of all specimens. He asked for $38.000 on Kickstarter and raised a whopping $1.2 million! His second mini-museum is now in production. Watch his video here. Now, let’s talk about realizing your dream!

Jimmy Choo

After his divorce his wife left him an empty house and his bull terrier. His creative juices started flowing… Enjoy Rafael’s hilarious drawings featuring his dog ‘Jimmy Choo’.

Now for something completely different

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen was in Antarctica to photograph a dangerous sea leopard. Nobody expected what happened next. Watch the short video to find out. It’s absolutely worth it; trust me!


Ever wondered what happens when you give a tree an email address?

The city of Melbourne found out. They assigned trees email addresses so citizens could report problems. Instead, people wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees.

It was cheaper to change his name than to correct the error on his Ryanair ticket. Hilarious and creative.

Esther Jacobs – the NO EXCUSES LADY: speaker, author, book writing coach, digital nomad

Turn your handwriting into a font

It’s super easy with this instruction.

Digital Nomad news

Esther Jacobsin Doha

This summer I was invited to Doha, Qatar, to give presentations to women professionals. I had no idea what to expect; it was truly a humbling and exciting trip. Normally my audience consists of people who know who they are and what they want; they need money to get started. In Qatar, money is no issue, but the emancipation of women has only just started. I share my experiences and tips in a blog: Esther Jacobs Travelblog.

You are the master of your own attitude!

In my speech at TEDx Nyenrode I explain how to keep a sense of control in our  rapidly changing world. I would love to give this speech and share other stories internationally. So if you know an organization somewhere in the world that could benefit from my experiences, please put us in touch.

November 18-26th I will be joining the first digital nomad cruise from the Canary Islands to Brazil. I am really looking forward and will definitely write about my experiences in the next newsletter.

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