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Vacation or business trip to a foreign city? Small budget or don’t fancy an anonymous hotel? Solution: stay with a local through

Feel like a nice activity in one of the words biggest cities? Or organize one yourself? Have fun and meet like minded people via

Study Chinese from the comfort of your home? Learn it from a real Chinese teacher, who lives in China? Or master another language? uses Skype to match professional teachers and students of any level worldwide. Private language classes are now within anyones reach.

Social media tips

In stead of bigger and bigger, adding more and more friends, the new trend is to keep social media small and personal. On Path the goal is not to have more friends, but rather less. This creates a very safe, cozy environment. Path is brilliantly designed, with a smart and easy to use interface.

Yesss! It’s back! lets you create a free PDF book of all your tweets in just one click.


Somehow it is still a well kept secret that Hootsuite lets you post a message on Twitter, LinkedIn and various Facebook pages at the same time. You can also schedule messages for al social media networks. A great way to manage your social media.

Personal news

Location is important. But in a different way than you think. In stead of investing in an office, I invested in being able to work from anywhere. And now I found that many people follow me! The ‘write your book in a week’ workshop in Austria was such a success, that we are planning another one in June 2013 and people are already pre-registering! So I decided to try the same workshop this November in Curaçao, which is also almost fully booked! So think about where you would like to work… Can you make people come to YOU in stead of the other way around?

I also introduced Skype-coaching and am now helping several clients while sipping a pina colada in my bikini in Curaçao (of course I make sure they only see dressed part of me)…

Show off! Most entrepreneurs I meet are too modest. Sometimes you just have to let the world know what you are good at. One of my strengths is that I know my ‘fortes’ and of course my weaknesses. So I can decide to focus on my strengths. I started writing blogs about this topic, which really seems to affect a lot of people. For example Show Off!

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