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On you can create endless ‘to do’ (and other) lists. You can also share lists with others, so you can brainstorm or work on projects together. Takes no more than 30 seconds to figure out. I have been using Workflowy for a few weeks now and it quickly became my favorite effectivity tool.

For a good laugh visit ‘damn you autocorrect‘, which features the funniest mistakes on the iPhone. I often can’t help but laugh out loud. A great short break.

Social media tips

Twitter, Facebook en LinkedIn in one?link

Did you know you can connect Twitter and LinkedIn, so your Tweets automatically appear on LinkedIn? Watch this video.


Using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck you can post your message on several social networks at once.
The difference? Hootsuite only works when you are connected to the internet, Tweetdeck can also be used offline.
Both programs also allow you to schedule posts. This can be useful when you want to post at a specific time, spread a larger quantity of posts, or when you are in a different time zone for example.

Personal news


Nyenrode. Because I travel so much, I decided to look for a creative solution for a place to stay during the months that I spend in Holland. I am a big fan of win-win-win situations and stroke a barter deal with my former university: Nyenrode Business School. I got a student room for a year in exchange for some guest lectures and presentations. I even teach international MBA students now! My address is: Nieuw Nyenrode 243, 3621 MS Breukelen, the Netherlands.

English publications. Most of my publicity is in Dutch, but I get more and more attention from overseas. A list of English language publications and interviews can be found on the media pages of my website.

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