Connecting the dots tattoo

I never thought I would get a tattoo. And still I do have one now. Got it in Japan, of all places. No regrets! Better even; my tattoo is my daily reminder of a very important decision I made.

The idea was born after a Tantra workshop in Thailand. On the last evening of the workshop – a celebration of the god and goddess in each of us – somebody put a sticker tattoo on my upper arm. I liked it. It made me feel feminine and aware of my body. The days after, as the sticker tattoo kept drawing my attention, for the first time in my life I started thinking about getting a tattoo.

A few weeks later I was in Japan, more or less ‘lost in translation’, and loving it. Not being able to understand the language made me feel like a complete beginner again. I liked the feeling of wonder, of being able to say ‘I have no clue’ of not being in control. Just like in the tantra workshop I felt like this was not my ‘language’, not my area of familiarity. Which means a chance to be surprised, to learn and to grow.

Both experiences were about embracing my feminine side, being in the moment, surrendering, not trying to control. This was a powerful experience, exploring an important but unfamiliar side of me.

I decided to get a tattoo as a permanent reminder to explore further. And what better place to get a tattoo than in Japan?

The tattoo represents my feminine side. It is homage to the strength and wisdom of my body, to sensitivity and strength, trust and surrender. The waves stand for the effortless flow of life, for movement, for dancing through life. The dotted lines remind me that I do not have to take a straight line to a goal anymore; instead I want to enjoy the journey and take my time: the trip itself is my goal. The dots, or circles, are a representation of the universe in it’s simplest form, a primal symbol of the sun, of life and the universal cycle of life. And, of course, looking back, you’ll be able to connect the dots… 

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