Tap into the entrepreneurial mindset

Our world is changing. New technology provides access and connectivity to everybody, faster and cheaper flights enable us to go wherever we want. And there is a growing ‘army’ of location independent entrepreneurs who are creating their dream life, using these new possibilities.

Is this a trend or revolution? A growing number of companies seems to adhere to the ‘revolution theory’ and are adapting a flexible or even ‘remote only’ policy. Some are very successful because of that. But beware: being a pioneer is not always easy.

Esther has been a pioneer in this lifestyle: already living it before the word ‘digital nomad’ was invented. She describes the ‘location independent’ mindset and gives plenty of examples how those entrepreneurs live and think. Some insights might come as a shock to you, others will be a revelation. How can you free your inner ‘digital nomad’ and/or attract those entrepreneurs to (or within) your organization?

This presentation will inspire you to see a different world of possibilities and help you answer the question whether this ‘remote’ movement is a threat or opportunity to your business…

Herman Wijffels

“This era needs people who think outside the box, cross borders, and create new possibilities. Esther Jacobs is such a person.”

Herman Wijffels – Dutch Captain of Industry


  • Insights into our rapidly changing world

  • Understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of location independence

  • Identifying the opportunities for your business

  • Ability to turn any challenge info an opportunity

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Choose to take responsibility, take control

  • ‘NO EXCUSES!’-mentality


In this TEDx speech (at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands), Esther explains how our world is changing. Our systems cannot keep up with the rapid changes, causing many practical problems. Esther, for example, was ‘fired’ from her home country for traveling too much… The Dutch government now consults her on how to solve these problems for future generations. Esther emphasizes how your attitude is the only difference between feeling in control of your life or overwhelmed by external circumstances.


Esther’s presentations are very flexible. They can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. From inspiring to interactive. Tailor-made to fit your requirements and meet your expectations. The following elements may be added to a presentation: