Overcoming resistance to change…

Stretch your comfort zone … New experiences usually involve some healthy tension. Why don’t we learn to color outside the lines? In school we are rewarded only if we do things the way we are supposed to do them. No one teaches us how important it is to make mistakes.

I take my audience on a journey, sharing some of my challenges, adventures and learnings: participating in ‘Survivor’, travel in 100 countries, being ‘fired’ from my own country for traveling too much, living off the grid etc.

We all know that you get to know your strengths and weaknesses best by trial and error. Therefore this presentation includes a surprise workshop element. Participants experience the ‘comfort zone resistance’ first-hand when suddenly placed in an unfamiliar situation. A great team builder! Debriefing afterwards brings up the most valuable insights and lessons for the participants.

In short, I will show that comfort zone gymnastics will make you strong. I will teach you to recognize the signs of your defense system … and ignore them. That is entrepreneurship!


“Esther has a great sense of group dynamics. She always inspires our teams with her innovative ideas, drive and energy.”

Capgemini Europe


  • recognize comfort zone anxiety, never again to be confused with resistance

  • less resistance to new experiences

  • learn to overcome, and even enjoy barriers

  • ready for new experiences

  • common language

  • feeling energized, a better connection with colleagues

  • Participants share fun and (re)discover their own passion

  • ‘NO EXCUSES!’-mentality

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Esther’s presentations are very flexible. They can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. From inspiring to interactive. Tailor-made to fit your requirements and meet your expectations. The following elements may be added to a presentation:

You know ‘stand up comedy’? Instead of jokes, I share solutions to all kinds of challenges the audience is facing. Big or small, business or private; I show how to think creatively and challenge the audience to participate. I connect people in the audience who can help each other for immediate results.
An interactive mix of inspiring videos, puzzles, real life examples, my own story (e.g. Coins for Care) and other anecdotes. There’s something for everybody. Central themes are: achieve more with less resources, creative thinking, natural networking and passion.
The Marshmallow Challenge, the impossible rope exercise, the horse puzzle etc. Depending on the group, the space, time available and the program I know the perfect energizer; providing fun, energy and valuable insights.