Take control, turn it around, get it done, feel alive!

External circumstances are constantly changing and often beyond our control. But that should not be an excuse. Take control of what you can influence. Work with what you have. Look for opportunities. And make things happen in your business and your life. Today.

“Opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune or temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill

This presentation contains examples from businesses, Esther’s own experiences and a ‘buffet of inspiration’ with inspiring and surprising examples from all over the world.

As a pioneer and entrepreneur, Esther became an expert in getting results with limited resources. The ‘No Excuses Lady’ proves that you can turn even the bleakest situation into an opportunity:

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“The industrial age, the age of scarcity, depended in part on the advantages that came with owning tools others didn’t own. Nowadays, when everyone has access to the same tools, having a tool isn’t much of an advantage. Time for a new advantage. It might be your network, the connections that trust you. And it might be your expertise. But most of all, I’m betting it’s your attitude.” –  Seth Godin


“Esther made us experience and understand how easy it is to see, create and use various opportunities. She proves that anything is possible!”



  • Know how to make the best of any situation

  • Learn to work with what you have

  • Take control; no more complaining, blaming and excuses

  • Master the art of shifting perspectives

  • See opportunities where others see problems

  • Turn challenges into adventures

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Energy and inspiration to apply these principles and practices immediately (not next week)

  • ‘NO EXCUSES!’-mentality


In this TEDx speech (at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands), Esther explains how our world is changing. Our systems cannot keep up with the rapid changes, causing many practical problems. Esther, for example, was ‘fired’ from her home country for traveling too much… The Dutch government now consults her on how to solve these problems for future generations. Esther emphasizes how your attitude is the only difference between feeling in control of your life or overwhelmed by external circumstances.


Esther’s presentations are very flexible. They can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. From inspiring to interactive. Tailor-made to fit your requirements and meet your expectations. The following elements may be added to a presentation: