Getting huge results with minimum recources (Keynote)

No experience, no time, no budget; no problem!

Sometimes money can be more of a restriction than an enabler. No budget often means no project. To me, having no budget is actually an advantage; a challenge to find creative solutions. From my own experience (e.g. raising €16 million for charities) I know it is possible to achieve incredible results with limited resources. Especially in this era, with access to the Internet and social media, there are countless ways to do things differently; better, faster, cheaper and… together.


I share inspiring examples from all over the world of how seemingly impossible goals were achieved. This will definitely mean an end to the ‘excuse-culture’ and the start of a new way of working: full of inspiration and energy.

“No budget” will never again be an excuse!

International speaker

“Esther’s passionate and enlightening story on starting with nothing except a good idea was a powerful message. Our managers can use this to guide their teams en route to customer excellence and profitability.”

KLM (South Africa)


  • Learn to work with what you have

  • Appreciation for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

  • A common language

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Turn any challenge into an opportunity

  • Energy and inspiration to apply these principles and practices immediately (not next week)

  • “can-do” mentality

  • ‘NO EXCUSES!’-mentality


At TEDx Curacao Esther shares how she collected $25 million for charity and how to achieve big results with limited resources.


Esther’s presentations are very flexible. They can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. From inspiring to interactive. Tailor-made to fit your requirements and meet your expectations. The following elements may be added to a presentation: