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Write a book in a week

How to write a book in a week

A 7 step guide to writing and self publishing for entrepreneurs and non-writers.

 Price: $7,95
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Digital Nomads

How to live, work, and play around the world.

Price: €7.95- €17.99

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Have you found your Mr. Wrong yet?

Will you choose to play it safe or take a chance?

Price: €7.95-€16.99

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What is your dream?

Make your dream come true. Start today.

Price: $4.49-$16.95

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What is your Excuse?

No money, no time, no experience; no problem!

Price: €7.95- €17.95

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The Speaker Anthology

101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast.

*Esther contributed a chapter to this book

Price: $5,51-$16,95

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The Power of Philanthropy

Real life stories of real people creating extraordinary results.

*Esther contributed a chapter to this book

Price: $ 7,06 – $24.95

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Nothing’s Impossible

Inspirational Stories That Prove It.

*Esther contributed a chapter to this book

Kindle: $ 4,33

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