Life lessons distilled in to powerful, actionable books. No excuses!

The ‘No Excuses’ work plan: from back cover to bestseller in 10 practical steps
Available January 2021
Lovely natural vegetarian food for inspiration and productivity.
Who to write a book in a week
A 7 step guide to writing & self-publishing for entrepreneurs and non-writers. 2019 update.
Light your fire without the burnout
Energy management for people with a passion.
Publication in 2020.
Digital nomads how to live play work around the world
How to live, work, and play around the world.
Travel the world, create your own dream job, live your best life.
EXERCISE BOOK: Make your dream come true. Start today.
No money, no time, no experience; no problem!
Will you choose to play it safe or take a chance?
The Speaker anthology
101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast.
*Esther contributed a chapter to this book
The Power of philanthropy
Real life stories of real people creating extraordinary results.
*Esther contributed a chapter to this book
Nothings impossible
Inspirational Stories That Prove It.
*Esther contributed a chapter to this book

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