Writer’s Recipes

Lovely natural vegetarian food for inspiration & productivity

Writer's Recipes

Do you find that after a ‘normal’ lunch, the ‘after lunch dip’ does not leave you with a lot of energy for your writing or other projects?

‘Writer’s recipes’ gives some surprisingly easy recipes for light, healthy, tasty lunches that don’t drain all your energy.

It was created during my annual writing retreat in Mallorca, Spain, where I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to write and publish their books.

Lunchtime during the writing retreat is a time to take a break from writing, to catch up with the others and to enjoy the delicious, healthy food my yoga teacher Susana prepares for us.

For years the participants begged us to share the recipes and photos. So we did!

This book is living proof that you can really write and create a book in just one week. And that good food increases productivity, camaraderie and pleasure in life.

Enjoy the ‘food for thought’. And, maybe see you in Mallorca or one of my other retreat locations sometime?

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Peter Kuijper

“Susana deserves a Michelin star!”


Corinne Delis

“I’m not a good cook, but I love to try these delicious vegetarian recipes at home. They are really mind-blowing”


Edward Tuheteru

“I think this was the most spectacular week of my life regarding food”


Andrea Dronk

“I really enjoyed the vegetarian brain food for my writing”


Birgit Oosterhuis

“The colors, the taste, the variety… Every meal is a surprise.”


Food for thought

For years we have been talking about creating this book: We want to share the lovely recipes with a broader audience; inspiration for light, healthy, tasty lunches that do not drain all your energy. The book is a lovely souvenir for all previous participants of the writing retreat. Of course, it is also a tribute to inspiring -but modest, almost shy- Susana. And most of all, it is living proof that you can really write and create a book in just one week.

We hope you enjoy these lovely recipes and are inspired to think about what you can create in one week.

Susana Adrover is originally from Argentina, but has been living in Mallorca for 15 years. She is a yoga teacher and inspired cook. Before we enlisted her help for the writing retreat lunches, we used to have lunch in a local restaurant, but the ‘after lunch dip’ did not leave a lot of energy for writing. Now, with her light, local, natural vegetarian lunches, we are energized and ready to get back to work.

Eef Ouwehand is a Dutch photographer and good friend who participated in the writing week. As a ‘side project’ she shot the magical images of the food and people that you will find in this book. She is the author – and even publisher- of many beautiful books, for  example Smartphone fotografie, which was partly shot on Mallorca and for which I wrote the foreword. For more inspiration and tips www.eefphotography.com

Esther Jacobs is an international (TEDx) speaker and author. Esther has given over 1000 keynotes and published and contributed to more than 30 books. Her writing retreats and workshops have helped over 400 entrepreneurs to write theirs. The NO EXCUSES LADY helps leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their challenges into opportunities. She loves food and her participants often call her a ‘feeder’… ???? They still begged for the recipes and so this book came into life. Written in just a few days.

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