The Speaker Anthology

101 stories that have inspired & motivated audiences from coast to coast in the US


Featuring articles from 101 of the nation’s greatest contemporary speakers. Including Esther’s ‘NO EXCUSES!’ speech about realizing your dreams in six practical steps.

Edited by Sally Shields and Kent Gustavson Ph.D.

Kindle – $5.49
Paperback – $14.95

“You deserve this book! This collection of true stories will help you when you have run out of energy, hope and inspiration. Enjoy!”

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish

“From the introduction by Joe Sherren to the incredibly moving stories throughout this book, I was really inspired to not only be a better person, but maybe to also speak about my own story someday!”

Kenda Swartz

“This book is a must-have for universities, corporate entities that want to inspire and motivate employees, and anyone who plans events that are relevant, important, and time-worthy of the planner’s efforts.”

Deborah Chamberlain

“This is a great book for people who need a spiritual lift. When we are in certain situations and we feel helpless, it’s good to read how someone else pulled through what your suffering with in life. People need to find hope and strength to reach peace.”

Alberta Sequeira

“I found this collection to be a wonderful book to refer to whenever I need encouragement or have the need to renew my hope in myself and my future.”

D. Haddad

“I don’t usually read motivational books (too depressing!) but I think it is time to seek out other women’s stories and be inspired and motivated to make the change I need to, or accept that everything is as it should be and embrace my whole being.”


“This well-written book will boost your attitude with its many brilliant true stories. I pick it up for a read whenever I need a pick-me-up.”

Dr Thomas Potisk