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With Reverse Writing, anyone can write a book

With the right approach, writing a book can be quicker and easier than you think

Your story, idea, or expertise deserves to be shared.

You have the inspiration, the content, the knowledge; my Reverse Writing method offers you a step-by-step, proven successful approach.

No experience necessary, results within a limited amount of time; turn your struggle into a nice writing experience.


“Very valuable; this method saves me a lot of time and money, which makes for a much better book.”

Hans Gierkink

Schrijf je boek

“I finally found a way to write and publish my book without my other projects getting delayed.”

Entrepreneur Frank

Write your book

Avoid this fatal error!

“I started out writing my book with a lot of enthusiasm. It was going really well until I got stuck. Having to go back and restructure and re-write didn’t appeal to me at all. Now other things seem more interesting than finishing the book…” – Jeremy

Starting to write a book without creating an outline first is a recipe for disaster. Most book projects die the way Jeremy’s book died – in a drawer or soon-to-be-forgotten file tucked away somewhere on the hard drive of your computer.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Make writing and publishing your book a pleasant and successful experience with my Reverse Writing method.

Reverse Writing?

The secret is to start with the most important page of your book. Write your back cover first! This is your marketing material and the promise to your readers. The writers I coach often sell hundreds of copies of their book while they are still writing it, by presenting the concept to their network.

Your back cover also provides the structure for your writing process. By creating an outline before you start writing, you avoid getting stuck and having to rewrite.

My system gives you a completely different writing experience: with a clear structure, you don’t have to worry about what fits where. You can just follow your energy and inspiration while writing, instead of following the page numbers.

Write your book
Jan van Kuijk - Write your book

“This approach is magical! After I wrote the back cover,
I was amazed to see the entire table of contents come to life in a single session.”

Jan van Kuijk

Linda Commandeur - Schrijf je boek

“That you have to start promotion very early
I find it really valuable. ”

Linda Commandeur

Choose the guidance that suits you

My step-by-step Reverse Writing plan offers you guidance during the writing process. You will learn all about it in my ‘Reverse Writing’ book and workbook.

This is the starting point for your writing adventure.

You will find that it works even better if you combine the knowledge of the book with some type of guidance and accountability, like my Online workshop, a Writing retreat or Private coaching.

  • Could you use a helping hand to get started?
  • Are you already working on your book, are you stuck or do you need help to make progress?
  • Would you rather not reinvent the wheel, but be guided through the process, step-by-step?

I am happy to help.

Which option appeals to you?

More book inspiration

Online workshops

59starting at
  • Accountability, like-minded people, inspiration and practical tips
  • Live online workshops/Q&A sessions to make progress with your book, from the comfort of your home

Writing retreat

1950and up
  • A memorable week in an exotic location or in the comfort of your own home.
  • 1 – 2 weeks to lay the foundations for your book, improve your manuscript, or put the finishing touch on your book project.

Private writing coaching

350/session or €4450 for 3-6 months
  • Personal guidance and intensive one-on-one training with Esther.
  • Your time is precious, and you know that investing in personal coaching will lead to the best possible result.
Kim Rogers - Schrijf je boek

“Esther does not waste time and comes directly to the point.
It provides all valuable information in an easy to understand format. ”

Kim Rogers

Michael - Schrijf je boek

“Writing the back cover first seemed strange at first,
but I realized it’s a brilliant move.”


They did it!

Thousands of non-writers have written and published their book using my Reverse Writing method.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, and other professionals wrote (auto) biographies, management books, self-help books, novels, collections of poems, and children’s books.

Are you the next successful author?

Resultaten-Schrijfweek - Schrijf je boek

30+ books experience

Like most writers, I wrote my first book in a linear fashion: I started with enthusiasm and a good idea on page one and then struggled through to the last page. A year – and a lot of hard work, rewriting and restructuring later – this finally resulted in a book.

I have experienced all the ups and downs during the writing process and found the best system to write a good book. Since then I write my books within a month, a week, and even once in one day. I am already at 30 books published and still counting!

You can buy paperback versions of some of the books on Amazon.

Schrijf je boek

I like to share my experiences and practical tips with you so that the process is easier for you than it was for me at the beginning.

Since 2009 I have written more than eighteen books and contributed to about fifteen more books.

As a writing mentor, I have helped thousands of people write their books during my 20 writing retreats, hundreds of workshops, and through personal coaching.

My superpower is that I can get to the essence very quickly. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years and have given more than 1000 keynote speeches, which means that I can also help you with your content on most topics.

elaine haseth - Write your book in Curacao

“Esther has a gift of seeing people and my inner writer feels nourished, seen, and happy to share.”

Eliane Haseth

Let’s get to work!

Do you feel the urge to write your story? Save yourself a lot of work and… write your book in Reverse! What do you need to get started?

Check out the different ways to work with me to bring your book to life.

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