From idea to book workshop

13th June -Online

Due to Corona, all my workshops will be online. Interact with others in a small group, be inspired, learn a new skill and get a new perspective.

Many people toy with the idea of writing a book or are already working on a manuscript. How do you get from idea to implementation? How do you ensure that your book gets attention?

On Saturday afternoon, the 13th of June from 1-5 p.m., I’m holding a practical workshop for everyone who is working on a book, together with my ‘publishing guru’ Jan Willem Gerth. In this workshop, we’ll help all participants to progress with their book, partly in the group and partly 1 on 1.

‘Idea to book’ Workshop – just € 95 per person

This includes one of my books, with a personal message written in it, or two PDF’s.

“This is about worker smarter, not harder. I feel empowered by Esther’s strategies and will now publish my own book”

Jan Roos

“I’m already an expert in my field. The only thing still on my wishlist was writing a book… “

Willo Sana

“Using the back cover for pre-promotion created accountability, which made the once unattainable dream come true.”

Yann Toutant – CEO

“I finally found a way to write and publish my book without my other projects getting delayed.”


“The publisher immediately said ‘yes’ after Esther helped with my book-concept”

Jolanda Pikaart

“Esther gave me structure and confidence that the writing process would actually end!”

Elena Krasa

“This approach works like magic! After writing the back cover, to my surprise the table of contents just followed naturally.”

Jan van Kuijk

“Writing my book with Esther was an amazing and powerful experience that I highly recommend”

Adrian Luna – Certified Ontological Coach

“Esther has a gift of seeing people and my inner writer feels nourished, seen and happy to share”

Eliane Haseth

“I got a lot of tips for my fiction writing, and was even inspired to consider writing a non-fiction book!”

Tamara Neuman

“Esther has a gift of seeing people and my inner writer feels nourished, seen and happy to share.”

Eliane Haseth

Will you write your book in the coming year?

Whether you are toying with the idea of ​​writing a book or have already started writing it, you probably have a lot of questions and you can probably use some support:

  • How do you know if your book idea is viable?
  • Can you earn money with a book?
  • How do you switch from idea to implementation?
  • How do you ensure that your book gets attention?
  • Are you looking for a publisher or do you want to publish yourself?

For this workshop you can indicate in advance what questions you have and what you would like help with. At a minimum, the topics covered include:

  • The back cover of your book: write the last (= most important) page of your book first!
  • The writing and editing process
  • The publishing process (via a publisher or do it yourself? Digital or print?)
  • Promotion and (pre) sale of your book

What can you expect?

The workshop is partly group presentation and partly 1 to 1. I share the best practices that I have learned while writing 26 books and helping 400 entrepreneurs to get their book published; view the results. Together with my ‘publishing guru’ Jan Willem Gerth we explain how the ‘book world’ works and give you tips for sharing your book with the world. You meet other people / entrepreneurs who are also writing a book. All participants are helped to get at least a step further with the plan for their book, back cover and promotion ideas.

Back cover?

The back cover of your book is the most important thing. This is what a publisher looks at, but this is also the first (often the only) thing that a buyer reads in a bookstore or on the internet. It is the most important summary of your book with a marketing flavor. Have you ever thought that you can actually put your book on (pre) sale as soon as your back cover, title and cover are finished? Even if you don’t have a single word on paper yet …

Results of the workshop

  • You arrive with an idea and you go home with the back cover of your book (we help you with a first draft)
  • If you already have a back cover,  you will receive feedback to make it even better.
  • You get specific writing, publishing and promotion tips and information that you can use right away.
  • You receive feedback and tips about your book idea from both a publisher and an experienced author.

For whom?

  • for books at every stage: idea or already (almost) ready
  • from beginners to experienced writers
  • both fiction and non-fiction

Jolanda Pikaart

“The publisher immediately said ‘yes’ after Esther had helped with my back cover!”

Anneke Veenendaal

“My book has just been published! It would never have been so good without Esther’s sharp eye.”

Geert Kamps

“If I had been doing this alone I would have quit. Now I’ll continue to write through the difficult moments.”

Maud Stevers

“Esther has inspired me to always offer added value and to finish my book. I wish everyone a day with Esther !!!”

Selma van der Heiden

“It’s not about the book. It’s about writing; cleaning up, processing. I’ve found my own voice.”

Patty Golsteijn

“I regularly go to her fantastic workshops and events, including a business cruise and a writing week in Mallorca. I keep coming back for her energy and different way of thinking and working. She remains one of my greatest inspirations.”

Nienke Bloem

“A second book has suddenly emerged!”

Barbara Sevenstern

“By just being around Esther, everyone starts to believe in themselves. Esther shares everything she knows with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and also humor; it is wonderful.”

Jolanda Wicherson

“Highly recommended for people who cannot find the space to focus on one thing in the hectic pace of everyday life.”

Brenda van Dijk

“We’re all doing the same thing; something you’ve always wanted to do. That gives a lot of energy.”

View a selection of the books published in relation to my workshops.

When: Sunday 23rd February 2020 from 1 – 5pm

Where: Online. Details to follow.

Investment: €95 per person This includes one of my books of your choice, with a personal message written in it, or two PDF’s.

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