Energy management & burnout prevention

Workshop: Light your fire, without the burnout

Light your fire, without the burnout

Working on something you care about deeply, but worried about emotional and physical exhaustion?

If you are passionate about your life, your work, your calling, your mission, then you know you want to devote your life -or at least a significant part of it – to that passion. To reach this long term goal, you will need a sustainable method to manage your energy. No more draining all your energy, recharging just until the reserve light pops off and draining it again.

This workshop will give you practical tips and insights, to avoid the mistakes and create a sustainable way to manage your energy to chase after your passion.

Date: Wednesday, June 14th


  • Amsterdam: 8 – 9 PM
  • New York: 2 – 3 PM
  • California: 11 AM -12 PM
Location: Online via Zoom
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Anne Pixa

“I really need this…”



“Showing your vulnerabilities actually makes you stronger”


This workshop will give you practical tips and insights, to avoid the mistakes most entrepreneurs make:

  • How to balance your analytical brain with your emotional intuition.
  • Achieve long term success, with energy reserves to spare
  • Fueled by motivation, sustained by routine
  • From living in survival mode to fully living
  • Follow your dreams without getting derailed, or ending up in a nightmare
  • Guided by passion while avoiding paralyzing disappointment or overwhelm
  • Stay focused on your goals, respect your boundaries and maintain your balance

With a fully charged battery, you can do magic, and keep it up for as long as you want. More important even, you’ll be an example to the loved ones around you, to also find a sustainable way to manage their energy to chase after their passion.

Why do so many powerful, driven people find themselves emotionally and physically drained, while working on something they deeply care about?

We all use our ‘turbo buttons’ sometimes. It is a great solution for emergencies, work sprints and energy kicks. But if you are constantly in ‘turbo mode’, there is no time for your body and ‘battery’ to restore. You are using more energy than available, meaning you are constantly living on reserve. That is OK for a while; for a phase in your project or life. But once this ‘living on reserve’ becomes a way of life, it is not a sustainable model. It is not the question IF it will go wrong, but when and how. In my case it was two car crashes, resulting in two whiplashes and two burnouts; both combinations were seven years apart. I had fourteen years to learn my lessons, and didn’t. Only after the exact same pattern repeated itself did I understand that I had to make a change.

But how? I knew I had to balance my analytical brain with my emotional intuition, get out of my head and more into my body. I really tried, but I constantly slipped back into old patterns. Then my body would say ‘stop’ again. I became frustrated and demotivated, until – finally- I realized that I was trying to solve the problem with the same tools that created it. The switch I had to make needed a completely different approach: from doing to being. It seemed incomprehensible and hard at the time, but looking back it was the most natural thing to do.