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Write your book in one week

Oct 7 – 13 2019, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Join me on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, to write your book. Grant yourself one week to realize that long sought-after dream. Whatever stage your book is at (half-an-idea or half-finished) you will leave the island with a much-improved version, a clear book idea, a back cover, an outline, possibly a designed cover or even the final version of your book.
Work -and focus- together with others who face the same challenge. Get practical tips, feedback and inspiration from someone who’s (co)authored 25 books and has helped over 400 entrepreneurs write and publish theirs.
And as a nice bonus, get a taste of island life on Koh Phangan and -for those escaping the European winter- a week of sunshine… It’s the perfect ‘working vacation’… The trip is tax deductible and results are guaranteed.

Price: €750

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I came here with a great idea. I was stuck. To really turn it into reality I needed Esther.
Sharp, creative and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

1 week to focus on your book

Many people would like to write a book, few actually do it, even less finish it and only very few publish their book. The biggest mistake is to just start writing: it will feel good at first, but at some point, you’ll get stuck and have to go back and re-write a part. That is when most people stop: re-writing is not fun.

My approach is to start with the back cover of your book: this is a summary, marketing material, a promise to your readers. It helps you to define what your book is really about, how you are going to structure it and what you will deliver, for whom. The back cover leads to the outline, and we’ll spend quite some time outlining; until everything feels complete, in the right place and ready to go. Even if you spend 4 out of those 7 days on your back cover and outline, this is time spent wisely, helping you tremendously in your writing process further on.


We start each day at 10.30AM with an interactive workshop on a particular theme. This proven setup will help you get through the creation/structuring/writing/ promotion/publishing process in logical steps that address everything, so you don’t have to go back and change things later.

  1. Start at the end: the back cover
  2. Outlining and structuring your book before you start writing
  3. Get your cover designed while you are writing
  4. Pro tips for the writing process
  5. Self-publishing and Amazon tips
  6. Start selling your book before it’s ready
  7. Promotion and launch ideas

After the workshop it’s up to you: you decide your working times, lunch break and social time. Most people stay in the central workspace because we create a wonderful ‘focus’ energy there and help each other through the creation process hick-ups.

During the afternoon we’ll catch up 1 on 1 to go over your book idea, back cover and outline.

At 6.30PM we’ll have a short check-in to see where everybody stands and to plan the next day.

The workshops and meet-ups will be in English. You can write in any language you want. Esther also speaks Dutch, German, French, Spanish and understands several other languages, so she can help you even if you are writing in your native language that isn’t English.

One central space, lots of freedom

We have a central workspace that provides a quiet space for our daily workshops and to focus, learn and work.

Unlike my other writing weeks (Curaçao, Austria and Mallorca), you take care of your own accommodation and food (of course, guidance is provided if needed), so you pay only for the workshops, workspace, personal guidance and group experience. This way, you can stay where you like and decide on your own menu. You have the freedom to write in any location you choose. The central workspace will provide writing inspiration, focus, good internet and there’s is always somebody to help you out when you get stuck.

Details and registration

Accommodation, food and tickets are at your own expense. Beach bungalows and villas on Koh Phanga can be found for as low as €15 a day, or €500 a month. Food is inexpensive at the night markets or street stalls. There are also many restaurants, bars and cafes onthe island. You can get around on foot, but some people like to rent a scooter to explore the area.

For whom? For everyone who wants to make good progress on their book in an inspiring city.

See you there?  One week of book-writing, promotion and publishing workshops, personal guidance, a central workspace with fast internet and like-minded people to focus with.
EJ schrijf workshop

About Esther

I am (co)author of 25 books and have helped about 400 entrepreneurs write and publish theirs.

I would be delighted to contribute my experience and some practical tips

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor.”
Barbara Sevenstern

“And then, all of a sudden, there was a second book!”
Nienke Bloem

“It is amazing to work with Esther. She understands what you need and she is very open. Working with her makes you feel that everything is easy!” – Madeleine Muller (Belgium)

“The publisher said ‘yes’ after Esther helped me with my back cover!”
Jolanda Pikaart

“I also learned a lot about social media.”
Nicole Bekking

“Esther is a writing and marketing wizard! She knows exactly what to write and where to position it on your website and in social media.” – Madeleine Muller (Belgium)

“I learned a lot and became very inspired, even infected, by Esther’s energy and confidence.”
Inge Vuijk

“It’s not about the book. It’s about the writing: organizing, processing. I found my voice…”
Selma van der Heiden

“Lots of value, great location, very reasonable price.” – Madeleine Muller (Belgium)

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Private writing workshop

Is the date for the writing week not good for you? We can also organise a private writing week. You determine where, when, how many (and with whom) you get some personal assistance from Esther. Everything is possible. More info?

prive schrijfweek