“Esther’s intuition and ability to quickly generate creative solutions to the unconventional issues we face allowed us to implement small changes that delivered immediate results. After each session with her we gained more insight into ourselves through her observations and suggestions.”
Retroepic software, South Africa
“Esther has the ability to make a complex topic interesting and accessible for all.”
British Telecom
“Esther Jacobs charms and adds value. She gets to the essence of things quickly. Esther elicited unexpected quotes from CEO’s representing more than 50 countries. Intelligent and skillful communication.”
SVB (Social Security Bureau), Austria,
“Turns out the possibilities are endless!”
Hewlett Packard
“During my focused sessions with Esther her candid appraisal of my own role within the team has strengthened my confidence in standing as a leader for the group without muffling the voice of the collective.”
Niki Boshof, founder of Retroepic Software, South Africa
“The rope exercise was hilarious and also gave us a new perspective on our way of working. A great team builder!”
Capgemini Paris

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