Live in freedom

“Freedom is a state of mind”

What does freedom mean to you?

Is it…

  • being able to work anywhere in the world?

  • becoming an entrepreneur?

  • achieving financial freedom?

  • feeling more headspace?

  • not having to be accountable.

If you don’t know where you want to go, you will just be moving away from what you don’t want, without a specific goal in mind.

I can help you find out what you want and take steps towards a free(er) life, whether you want to become a digital nomad, be an entrepreneur (location independent or with a fixed base), or just want to experience the feeling of more freedom without making any rigorous changes.

jan berend brink

“I was inspired when I heard Esther’s story on the radio. Her book helped me find out what I really wanted.
Now I’m living on my boat so that I can drastically reduce my expenses and get by with working less!
I’ve made a plan and put my house up for sale.”

Jan-Berend Brink


“Esther’s story is both bizarre and inspiring.
Bizarre because she is ‘punished’ by an anonymous system while doing nothing wrong.
Inspiring because she takes control of her own fate and turns the disadvantage into an advantage.”

Arre Zuurmond, Municipal Ombudsman of Amsterdam

Live, work & play like a Digital Nomad?

Are you considering a location independent life and/or business? Or are you already on the road a lot and are you ready to sever your ties with your home country?

My ‘Digital Nomads’ book will help to set up your new life and business and ‘get out of the system’. The online workshop will guide you step by step and answer all your questions.

I was ‘fired’ from my home country the Netherlands because I travel too much. I lost all my rights and had to find a solution to replace all the things I lost when I lost my registration (my pension, voting rights, company, tax, insurance, passport, bank account, etc.). This is my story.

Joyce Bruijn

“I was delighted with all the beautiful stories and strategies! My dormant desire to drastically change course was awakened again.”

Joyce Bruijn

Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Want to quit your job and/or start your own business?
  • Wondering how to turn your passion into your business?
  • Looking for a way to generate an income remotely?

It can be done! Join the workshop ‘How to turn anything into a business’ for lots of inspiration, practical tips and like-minded people.

See and seize opportunities like an entrepreneur. Take control to make things happen in your business and your life. Don’t wait any longer. No excuses!


“The concept of minimalism really inspired me. Two weeks ago I thought ‘I need an extra cupboard for my books/clothes’.
That turned into ‘nice, my house is getting pretty empty, now that I get rid of so much’.
It gives me a lot of brain space, I am feeling so much lighter.”


The freedom mindset

There are situations you can’t control, where you can’t influence external circumstances. How can you feel empowered instead of trapped?

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

This is the mindset I would like to share. Don’t see the unexpected waves as an obstacle or threat. Learn to use the force of the water to move in any direction you want.

You can create more freedom in your life today. A simple example is by minimizing. Reducing your possessions, expenses and the amount of work make life lighter and easier. Even if you don’t plan on traveling the world, creating physical space and reducing expenses creates more mindspace.

Wondering how you can find more freedom and keep it, regardless of the situation? During a RESULTant session, we will work together on your Freedom Plan.

They found more freedom

Wendy, Maritza, Bob and Carole share how I helped them find more freedom.