Writing Retreat on Curaçao

Write your book in luxury on a Dutch Caribbean island

Curaçao is a dream destination, partly Dutch, partly Caribbean, with beautiful beaches, a blue sea, and its own language and culture. I have lived there for many years and have fallen in love with this island.

The writer’s retreat takes place in a beautiful plantation house, Landhuis Jan Thiel. Here you find the peace, inspiration, and guidance to fully dedicate yourself to writing your book. This location is only 30-minutes from the airport and near the beach. Located top of a mountain, the stunning plantation house always catches a wonderful breeze. Also, the views over the surrounding saltpans (a nature reserve) are just breathtaking. Our host Loekie will pamper us with breakfasts made from local fresh ingredients, just the way you like it.

There are several terraces, a gorgeous swimming pool, and a beautiful garden with seating areas, hammocks, and of course, shade for you to sit in while focusing on writing your book.

While writing your biography, business book, novel, children’s book, or any other manuscript in Curaçao, you will have the feeling of really getting away from it all. You will be fully catered to and will have a unique opportunity to discover this beautiful island.

Schrijfretraite Curacao met Esther Jacobs

Where: Curaçao

When: TBA

All-inclusive price: From € 2.490,- p.p.

Jolanda Wicherson

“Highly recommended for people who can’t find the time in their hectic,

everyday life to focus entirely on one thing.”

Jolanda Wicherson

Ingeborg B

“Landhuis Jan Thiel is an amazing location to write your book.

It is beautiful, peaceful and it gives you the energy and inspiration to write.”

Ingeborg Boswinkel

Anna Rayamann

“It makes you more decisive than when you are alone.”

Anna Raymann

Write your book in Curacao
Schrijfretraite Curacao

An all-inclusive book writing retreat

What is included in the writer’s week?

For a week, you don’t have to do anything but concentrate on writing your book. You will sleep in luxurious accommodation, and food and drinks will be provided.

This all-inclusive 1-week writing retreat includes:

  • Daily workshop on a theme that you can immediately put to use that day

  • Personal writing coaching and one-on-one feedback from Esther

  • Luxury accommodation in a beautiful old plantation house

  • All delicious meals, snacks, and drinks

  • Plenty of time and space to work on your book

  • Interaction with other writers


Plenty of inspiration and space to focus on your book

This week is all about writing. Every writer will have the chance to design their own creative ‘tropical schedule’, which can be adjusted based on your own preferences. For instance, those that wake up early can take a walk through the nature reserve next to the plantation house. Also, if applicable, you can work on your book before breakfast. However, having an early night on your first day is suggested to help minimize jet lag and help you adapt quickly to your new time zone.


Following a fixed rhythm, our host Loekie makes our breakfast, and each morning, around 10 am, I give a writing workshop on a theme that you can immediately apply after the writing workshop. Lunch is provided at the country house so that you can continue working undisturbed. If you need 1-on-1 book-writing coaching, this is always available. At the end of the afternoon or in the evening, we take a walk, go swimming, or take another mini-excursion, combined with dinner. This is the ideal combination of maximum writing time while exploring something interesting on the island.
See the results you can achieve and learn more about this and other writer’s retreats by visiting the general writing retreat page.

Daily program

Write your book in Curacao

Day 1. Welcome dinner where all writers introduce themselves and share their book idea. We’ll also decide on the details of the program together, which includes the different excursions.
Day 2. Workshop back cover writing. Why is it so important, and how do you do it.
Day 3. Structure workshop. I discuss the outlining and the writing process and provide useful tips for making your writing process more efficient.
Day 4. Your title, subtitle, and book cover. How do you choose a good cover? My designer will create a concept for you!

Day 5. Anything you always wanted to know about (self)publishing, such as costs, prices, etc. What does a publisher pay attention to? Is print or digital best? My ‘publishing guru’, Jan Willem Gerth, will answer all your questions and share his ‘best practices’.
Day 6. How do you promote your book? Find your own voice. Includes practical examples for social media.
Day 7. Q&A session for all outstanding questions. The last evening there is an official closing with a festive dinner, where everyone reads a part from their book.
Day 8. The retreat ends after breakfast.

elaine haseth - Write your book in Curacao

“Esther has a gift of seeing people and my inner writer feels nourished, seen and happy to share.”

Eliane Haseth

Tamara Neuman - Mastermind: from idea to book in 6 months

“I got a lot of tips for my fiction writing, and was even inspired to consider writing a non-fiction book!”

Tamara Neuman


“I also learned some tools for writing, cover design and other things that allow you to work so much more efficient”

Marion Schroen


“GOGOGO! In the most beautiful location, with Esther’s top-support.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Want to discover Curaçao together?

Examples of excursions

Writing retreats location in Curacao

A walk through the nature reserve of the saltpans with the dog of the house and perhaps also the house sheep, who thinks she is a dog… 🙂

Visit to Jan Thiel beach and a pizza picnic on the beach, while we enjoy the sunset.

Walk around in the historic and trendy Pietermaai district. Optional: dancing tango on Brionplein.

Tango demonstration and lesson, plus dinner at the famous restaurant, Mundo Bizarro.

Walk at St. Joris Bay, watch kite surfers, and maybe an exclusive BBQ in the ‘village’ that the windsurfers have built from wreckage.

Possibly a trip on a private yacht to a deserted bay, with a BBQ on board.

Dinner at historic restaurant De Heeren.

Lions Dive hotel, Cuban night.

View the ruins of Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantine House.

Sunset swim at the Caracas Bay with dinner on the beach at the local Pop’s place.

Drink the famous ‘green rum’ with fresh coconut water in the iconic Netto bar.

Prices of the all-inclusive writing retreat in Curaçao

Secure your place and book now

Everything is included in this price: super luxurious accommodation in the beautiful Landhuis Jan Thiel with a private pool, all meals, drinks, snacks, daily writing workshops, private guidance, and excursions. Only your flight ticket is at your expense.

Please contact me if you are interested. A new date for the retreat needs to be planned, so we can incorporate your preferences.

The results you can achieve and other general information can be found on the general writing-retreat page.

Schrijfretraite Curacao

Private room

Regular price €4.495, Early bird offer €3.490,- pp


  • daily workshops
  • private writing coaching
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • daily excursions
  • use of swimming pool

Early bird discount
This week more than €1.000,- discount with the ‘Early bird deal’!

Schrijfretraite Curacao

Shared room
(bring your own ‘roomie’)

Regular price €3.495,-  Early bird price € 2.490,- pp


  • daily workshops
  • private writing coaching
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • daily excursions
  • use of swimming pool

Early bird discount
This week more than €1.000,- discount with the ‘Early bird deal’!

Schrijfretraite Curacao

Special offer for Curaçao locals

NAFL 2.500,- (€1.300,-)

If you live in Curaçao and want to participate in my writing retreat, there is a special ‘locals’ deal.
I would like to support local talent on the island.

Price per person
NAFL 2.500,- (€1.300,-)

Special offer for Curaçao locals

I would like to support local talent on the island

If you live in Curaçao and want to participate in my writing retreat, there is a special ‘locals’ deal.

I know it’s hard to pay in Euros when you earn in Nafl, and I want to help the locals write their books, so consider this a ‘scholarship’.

The deal is as follows: you spend the night in your own house, provide your own breakfast and dinner and come to Landhuis Jan Thiel for the daily workshops, lunch, and personal guidance. You are welcome to join our evening ‘excursions’ and dinner at your own expense.

It is important that you arrive every morning in time for the 10 am workshop (be mindful of traffic!) and be at the ‘closing’ of the day by the end of the afternoon. We can be flexible in the timing if you let us know in advance. Try to keep outside obligations to a minimum so you can get the most out of the writing retreat.

Write your book in Curacao

Let’s make Curaçao proud by publishing your book.

PS. If you want to write in Papiamentu; I understand enough to give you good directions for your book.

They were on Curaçao

Robin, Anna, Anneke and Jolanda talk about their experiences – and results – during the writing retreat on Curaçao.

Travel information

I usually find good tickets on Skyscanner.com. KLM and TUI have good deals sometimes.

If several people arrive at the same time, a taxi from the airport can be shared. If you are already on the island, please make sure that you are at the Landhuis well in time for the welcome dinner.