This is how you write a book!

This e-course will guide you from back cover to bestseller, step by step

Anyone can write a book, including you!

Your story, idea or method deserves to be shared. With the right approach, writing a book can be easier and faster than you think.

You have the inspiration, the content, the knowledge; My Reverse Writing method offers you a step-by-step approach that has been proven successful.

This is the starting point for your writing adventure. Whether you write an (auto) biography, a management book or a novel.

This online program offers you guidance during the writing process. It is a perfect addition to my book and workbook ‘This is how you write a book!’ You will also receive the book and workbook with this online program!

I am currently recording the online program, it will be available later in the year in English.

“Writing the back cover material first seemed weird
and I realized it is a stroke of genius”


“I wish I had done this course before spending 3+ months planning,
writing, and marketing my own book!”


“This course delivers! You can clearly hear experience talking and the genuine intention
to help students navigate their way through the jungle of self-publishing”


“I just published my book.
What I haven’t been able to achieve in the past three years I did in just 7 days!”


“This course is amazing! It helped me get over my fear of writing my book; it shows how easy it really is.
There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to writing and publishing”


This online program is a No Excuses work plan:

  • prevents you from getting stuck, having to stop or rewriting
  • reveals the best-kept secret to getting started quickly: write your back cover first
  • show how you use that back cover as marketing material and content structure
  • gives you smart and original writing tips for both fiction and non-fiction books
  • offers ten practical formats for a successful non-fiction book
  • helps you to promote your book, even before you finish it
  • includes do-and-don’ts about pre-sales
  • offers alternatives to avoid writing the book yourself
  • guides you in finding a publisher, with tips that they look out for
  • helps you to self-publish and sell on online platforms yourself

In short: the easiest way to a successful book.

Reviews for Esther’s previous writing course:

“Practical guide to plan, write, edit, publish and market your book this week. I am currently writing a book on business intuition and it has taken me well more than a week! If I had had this detailed how-to guide available I can immediately see how I could have cut my time way down. And avoided some mistakes I nearly made along the way. It covers not just the planning, outlining and writing process but also the importance of marketing if you want your book to be a best seller. There are practical tips on how to pick your title for better sales and how to get an amazing cover designed. Writing the back cover material first seemed weird and I realized it is a stroke of genius. Both to focus me and to help enrol others before my launch. It is focused on self-publishing, especially via Amazon Kindle and Createspace. Perfect for what I am doing. I met the authors at a conference and saw them first hand creating their own book in less than a week. Inspiring! ”
Michael Smith

“Catchy title, and it delivers! This  is one of the few quality courses that has something for everyone who is interested in publishing books or has already been self-publishing books. You can clearly hear experience talking and the genuine intention to help writers navigate their way through the jungle of self-publishing.  Whether you would like to accomplish your writing mission in one week or not, this surely shows you the way to achieve your dream of publishing your first book.”

“Everything you need to know in an afternoon session! My expectations were small but these things quickly convinced my of the contents:

– the 10 ideas for a book theme. I did not know these before. When I wrote my book, I should have rather taken some of these and not come up with my own idea.
– results-driven. Without this, no book will look good. This is emphasized a lot in this book.
– promotion. Super important otherwise nobody will read it.

My book took me 3 months. I should have seen this one earlier… 5 stars for totally over-delivering on my expectations! ”

“Extremely useful for busy people who wish to grasp the essentials of the book writing process.  I know Esther and her work for quite some time now. Everything she produces is of the highest quality. Recommended!”

“Excellent Resource and strategy. This is a great course for any aspiring self -publishing authors. Covering areas such as back cover strategies, keyword friendly title and subtitle (including self example), kick-ass cover design (demonstrating their own strategy), tactical structure to improve your writing, strategic promotion, writing and alternatives to writing, and finally editing. Additionally, the after writing process such as publishing and additional promotion strategies are discussed. This course is pragmatic, to the point and easy to understand. This course has many invaluable guidelines and advice, many of which I will be applying going forward. ”

“Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)! I wish I had done this course before spending 3+ months planning, writing, and marketing my own book!
It’s a similar concept to “”The 7-Day Startup””, a book that I really love and recommend to anyone who might be over-thinking their business idea. Just like starting a business, writing a book is something many people say that they want to do. But few of us actually commit to the process and get it done – probably because the process and steps seem overwhelming. Sure, you could work with a publisher and spend YEARS writing and launching a book. But why? The model has changed. Now we don’t need permission from anyone to write a book, and this great resource prescribes how to get it done fast. There’s no better way to stop procrastinating and making excuses than by having a playbook of what to do and when. Carpe Diem!!”

“This course is amazing!  It helped me get over my fear of writing my own book since it shows how easy it really is and that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to writing and publishing.”

“Simple but easy to implement so no bulls*** As a sales coach for entrepreneurs I’m already an expert in my field but the only thing that was still on my wishlist was writing a book. I was procrastinating this because of the limited time I have. What makes this book unique is that it is written in a clear language, simple but easy to implement so no bulls***. I now finally found a way to write and publish my book without my other projects getting delayed. So no excuses left, I’m just gonne do it!”

“How To Write a Book in a Week is a Dope. If you’ve always desired to write any kind of book but have never gotten yourself to do it because of time or other excuses then, this is the best course you will ever do. You will find out that writing is actually overrated. It’s very easy once you know what you’re doing and, that is what this course will teach you. I highly recommend it for every entrepreneur who want to master the act of writing great books in less than 7 days.”

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This is how you write a book!

This guide is the ‘bible’ for anyone who wants to share their story or knowledge. You’ll have all the information you need to write your book, all in one place. With this handy step-by-step plan to guide you through the process, you can focus on the content of your book.

The workbook is a great addition and complement to the book and the online program. It helps you to organize your thoughts and your research in a structured way. It is really a WORK book: it offers you space for notes and to complete the exercises described in the book.

Online program

Get better results by combining the knowledge from the book with video and audio that provides even more examples, explanations, and inspiration. This online program guides you step by step through the process of writing and publishing your book. On top of that you’ll learn some valuable skills like free publicity and outsourcing, which are useful for every entrepreneur.

It includes examples from other writers and the answers to commonly asked questions. This is a complete package: all the information you need to write your book. You can get started when you want, and work at your own pace.