RESULTant session

1-on-1 with the ‘No Excuses Lady’ for quick results

You’re looking for somebody who can quickly identify the essence of a complex idea or situation. Somebody to help you find creative and practical solutions for any challenge.

What you need is a RESULTant!
1 or 2 sessions max. Direct and to the point. Quick results.

During this session you will have my undivided attention and focus; you’ll get access to all my knowledge and experience, leading to tangible results. No excuses!

Via Zoom 30-45 min

Face-to-face or via Zoom 60-90 min

“Just being around Esther will make everyone believe in themselves.
Esther shares everything she knows with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and humor. Love it!”

Barbara Sevenstern

“Esther’s sharp mind effortlessly sees your blind spots and leads you to new insights.
That’s where her strength lies.”

Mirande Voskuylen

“Esther’s no-nonsense advice has enabled me to flourish in many aspects for the past two years.
As a speaker, with free publicity and in my business. Successful AND authentic. Exactly like Esther. ”

Michele Sparreboom

“Esther made sure I realized one of my greatest wishes:
to write a book!”

Dymph Vroegh

“The session with Esther provided me focus and provided that final push.
I immediately went to work.”

Chantal Heutink

“I am absolutely flabbergasted by the value she provided
in such a short time!”

Pieternel van Amelsvoort

Esther’s enthusiasm, her energy, and a can-do mentality are contagious.
In just a few sessions she provided a frame with clear steps to guide me back into entrepreneurship.

Lucas Schroder: entrepreneur & professional ocean sailor

Book strategy session

Don’t know where to start? Are you stuck? A strategy session is a giant leap over this hurdle, giving you motivation and confidence by developing your book idea, creating an outline, making a strategic plan, writing your back cover, or preparing for publishing. You can also use the session to create a promotional plan for your book.

We can brainstorm, I can (re-)write your back cover for you, or I can give feedback on a part of your book.

Digital Nomad lifestyle

You want more freedom in your life, possibly a location-independent business. How do you set up your business and make sure you can earn your money all over the world? How do you ensure that you do not have any problems with the authorities in your home country?

As one of the most famous digital nomads, I can show you how to live, work & play around the world.

Connecting the dots

Discover where your life has lead you up till now. Together we’ll put all the pieces of the puzzle together, connect the dots, and understand the big picture: where your path is leading you and what your next step should be.


Your story needs to be heard. What makes your story unique? How do you structure it for more impact? Which format should you use? A book, speech, (video)blog or website? We’ll take a look at the various options and decide what works best for you.

Visibility, personal branding & social media

Are you already visible (enough)? With my experience in the top 10% of social media influencers worldwide, I am happy to help you with your online presence. I can show you how to add value to your website, newsletter, and social media.

PR & communication

You are working on things that matter. How do you ensure that this is visible and that it remains in the spotlight? And what if things get complicated? How do you communicate, so that a challenge is turned into an opportunity? In the charity world and during ‘Survivor’ I have endured the most difficult situations, and I managed to turn many issues around in the media. I like to share my lessons.


Looking for a devil’s advocate, wild card, or idea generator for a strategy meeting or round table session? Or do you need someone who can test the feasibility of ideas in a dragons-like setting?

No excuses!

I would be happy to help you during an in-depth RESULTant session, where we can really dive into your issue, or in a shorter power session if you have a very specific question.

Via Zoom, 30-45 min

Face-to-face or via Zoom, 60-90 min