RESULTant Session

Get fast results in one or two sessions. Practical and to the point.

I am not a coach or consultant who takes you by the hand and leads you through your process. I capture the essence of complex ideas to help you communicate them effectively. I help you find creative solutions to any challenge. This is not about holding hands, this is about getting results, fast.

No excuses!

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor. Love it!”
Barbara Sevenstern
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Power session. Fast results.
30-45 minutes on Skype. €245

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RESULTant session – Real impact
Skype or in person. 1 – 1,5 hrs. €350

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Curaçao Special RESULTant session
between Feb 28 and March 28  – only 250 NAFL (antillian guilders) per live session

Results for entrepreneurs

You have come to a point where you could use a sparring partner for the next step. I can capture the essence of your challenge and help you reach the next level. I empower remarkable people and entrepreneurs to leverage their strengths, share their unique story and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Connecting the dots

Discover where your life has lead you up till now. Put all the pieces of the puzzle together, connect the dots and understand the big picture: where your path is leading you and what your next step should be.

Personal branding & social media

Are you hesitating to tell people about your strengths? To show the world your light? If you want more impact & influence, I can teach you how to provide more value on your website, in your newsletter and in your social media posts.

Live like a Digital Nomad

You want to be a location independent entrepreneur. I can show you how to live, work & play around the world.


Your story needs to be heard. What makes your story unique? How do you structure it for more impact? Which format should you use? A book, speech, (video)blog or website?

Write your book

Start with your back cover and outline before you write. As an author and contributor of 21 books, I can help you get started and make the process faster and easier than you think.

No excuses!

“Esther’s sharp mind effortlessly sees your blind spots and leads you to new insights. That is where her strength lies.” – Mirande Voskuylen

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor. Love it!” – Barbara Sevenstern

“Esther’s no-nonsense advise has enabled me to flourish in many aspects for the past two years. As a speaker, with free publicity, and in my business. Successful AND authentic. Exactly like Esther. ” – Michele Sparreboom

“Esther made sure I realized one of my greatest wishes: to write a book!” – Dymph Vroegh

“ The session with Esther provided me focus and provided that final push. I immediately went to work.” – Chantal Heutink

“I am absolutely flabbergasted by the value she provided in such short time!” – Pieternel van Amelsvoort

Esther’s enthusiasm, her energy and ‘can-do’ mentality are contagious. In just a few sessions she provided a frame with clear steps to guide me back into entrepreneurship. – Lucas Schroder: entrepreneur & professional ocean sailor

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