Boost your Business in Curaçao

Dutch Caribbean

Boost your business in Curacao

Get away from it all, spend 1 week in paradise to boost your business. A break to work ON your business instead of IN it.

Join me on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao – where I have lived for 7 years – to share the local magic, get a feel for ‘digital nomad’ life and meet interesting people.

I will show you the islands cultural highlights, including a few hidden spots known only to the locals. Combined with daily workshops on innovation, location independence, visibility, personal branding, public speaking, book writing, social media, flexibility, and much, much more…

This makes a perfect (tax deductible) combination of travel, inspiration for your business and sparring with other entrepreneurs.


“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor.”

Barbara Sevenstern

Jan Henk Bouman

“Even 5 years later, the results of ‘Boost your Business’ are still visible”

Jan Henk Bouman


“Esther’s no-nonsense advise has enabled me to flourish in many aspects for the past two years. As a speaker, with free publicity, in my business etc. in a way that enables you to be successful AND remain authentic. Exactly like Esther is herself. ”

Michele Sparreboom

Anneke Veenendal

“I came here with a great idea, but I was stuck. To really turn it into reality I needed Esther. Sharp, creative and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Nicole Bekking

“I also learned a lot about social media.”

Nicole Bekking


“I learned a lot and became very inspired, even infected, by Esther’s energy and confidence.”

Inge Vuijk

Geert Kamps

“At home, I would have quit. Now I worked through those difficult moments.”

Geert Kamps

Anneke Veenendal

“GO GO GO! In the most beautiful location, with Esther’s top-support.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Boost YOUR Business?

  • I want to think ABOUT my business for a while instead of being stuck in the middle of it.
  • I have already achieved quite a bit and I feel I’m ready for the next step.
  • I want to be able to work in location independent.
  • How do I delegate or delete tasks so that I am free to explore new opportunities?
  • How can I make (even better) use of the huge potential of social media?
  • How can I work smarter so that I have more time left for my real qualities?
  • I like sharing my experiences and would like to hear how other entrepreneurs think, work and live.
  • I like challenges and a good bout of sparring…
  • Oh, and I wouldn’t mind exploring the tropical island of Curaçao, some sailing, beach time, a piña colada and some good company…

The results

After this Boost Your Business trip you will:

  • have tons of new ideas for your company.
  • have gotten away from it all for a while, and return home tanned and relaxed.
  • know more inspiring business people to partner or work with.
  • have more focus in your company: what do you stand for and what do you offer?
  • know how to use your strengths and add more value with what you do.
  • have outsourced some tasks and integrated useful habits, software, apps etc. in your workflow.
  • have received practical tips for the issues you brought to the table.
  • New joint ventures may have formed, or start-ups…

Our villa

We have rented a private villa, only 30 mins from the airport and walking distance from the sea. There’s a swimming pool, lounge area, kitchen, BBQ area, even a pool/game room and lots of space inside and outside to write and relax.  The central workspace will provide writing inspiration, focus, good internet and there’s is always somebody to help you out when you get stuck. You can also write in one of the beach clubs nearby of you prefer.

What will you get?

  • The price includes all group activities, workshops, nights and meals
  • You will spend 6 nights, 7 days in a private villa with pool.
  • Daily breakfasts at home and lunch in a fun restaurant each day.
  • Al your dinners are covered, including a BBQ in a secret location. Some meals include wine, water and coffee. Other drinks are extra.
  • Daily workshops (also request topics!)
  • You will get to see a number of the islands cultural highlights, including a few hidden spots known only to the locals.
  • You will have opportunities to go swimming or shopping – together or alone – stroll though the city or spend some quiet time.
  • You will be accompanied by progressive, creative people who will personally help you on your mission.
  • To ensure the personal attention, we are limiting the number of participants to 10.
  • Not included: Your ticket (around €500 return from Europe), taxi from/to the airport, souvenirs and drinks in cafés and restaurants.

Who makes this trip special?

You are the most important person: if you dare to share questions, and are willing to get to work actively, you will notice an awful lot will start happening after your Boost Your Business trip!

Esther Jacobs: NO EXCUSES lady: speaker and writer. She came up with the idea of Coins for Care, with which she collected €16 million with the introduction of the Euro for charities, without any resources or a budget. Officially she doesn’t live anywhere but spends a suspiciously large amount of time in the Caribbean… Esther is an expert at pointing out the essence and providing practical do-tips: always hits the spot!

The other participants who like you are keen to share their experiences and use their talents for helping others make progress.

Details and registration

For whom? For everyone who wants to make good progress on their book in an inspiring city.

Combo deal? Want to arrive earlier to participate in the ‘write your book in one week‘ retreat? Ask for the special combo deal.

See you in Curaçao? one week of workshops, personal guidance, inspiration and pampering.

Boost your Business is a great mixture of interaction, inspiration, practical tips, physical effort and relaxation. Special attention to meeting local entrepreneurs – both expats and ‘yu di korsou’ (Curacao born) – and giving back to the community.

  • You can take part in multiple workshops, ‘dare-to-ask’ sessions and 1-to-1 discussions.
  • You will get to work actively with all the tips flying around: contacting people, looking things up, applying smarter-working tips, formulating objectives, making plans.
  • You will enjoy Curaçao’s fantastic opportunities: culture, architecture, beach, music, sailing, swimming and history.
  • Let yourself be inspired by books, videos, people, stories, buildings, concepts and everything else you encounter.
  • You will meet local (social) entrepreneurs for inspiration/exchange. If you feel you want to give back to the island, we will help you to prepare a presentation or workshop for them.
  • Unexpected meetings, discussions and thoughts will give you new inspiration and insights.
  • Sample life as a ‘digital nomad’ and the way Esther experiences the island where she’s lived for 7 years.


Some activities are a surprise, others depend on the local offer at the time. Activities may include:

  • Walking tour of Tour of Kura Holanda (the restored old town, now turned into a beautiful hotel and museum), Riffort, Queen Juliana floating bridge, Handelskade, Punda, Otrobanda and historic and trendy Pietermaai.
  • A walk at St Joris Bay, to watch the kite-surfing and an enjoy an exclusive BBQ in the ‘village’ that the windsurfers have built of wreckage and driftwood.
  • Visit Fort Beekenburg, the old quarantaine house, swim at Caracas Bay. Dinner on the beach at Pop’s place.
  • An artistic activity (for example painting driftwood signs or local ‘chica’ figurines)
  • Visiting local social initiatives, like recycling of plastic found on beaches
  • Meeting locals, expats, artists, local, Dutch and international entrepreneurs.
  • Visiting a local sustainable ‘food forest’
  • Sampling local food, maybe even a cooking class.
  • Sampling the local green rum with coconut water in one of the oldest café’s in Otrobanda.
  • Visiting a local radio station, maybe even an interview?
  • A salsa and/or tango dance lesson
  • The four S’s: Sunsets, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing (duh!)
  • Visiting local ‘snèks’ (food trucks)

This is what participants of an earlier workshop on Curaçao had to say:

Travel Information

If you decide quickly, you can get a return ticket to Curacao from the Netherlands for less than € 500 via the KLM world deal and TUI offers.

If more people arrive on the same flights, a taxi can be shared from the airport, reducing costs. Boost your business starts the evening of March 11 with a dinner and introduction to all writers. Maybe a swim in the sea and then an early night for the people who arrive from the Netherlands that day. If you take another flight, or are already on the island, are please be sure that you are in the villa around 5 pm.