What would you like to achieve in the next 3 – 12 months?

Let’s make it happen together with 1-on-1 coaching

Do you want to

  • write your book
  • escape ‘the system’
  • experience more freedom
  • improve your energy management, productivity, motivation
  • or achieve some other business or personal goal?

I can help you to prioritize, make the most of the resources you have, and use your energy constructively. I will help you recognize possibilities, seize opportunities, and take concrete steps towards your desired result.

How will you feel when you achieve your goals? Let’s go for it and get it done together in the next 3 – 12 months!

Only 3 spots available!

Get 2 free sessions when you book 12. Use them to achieve a concrete goal, for example in a three-month ‘sprint’. Valid up to a year. Usually €4200, now €3500

Writing a book? Then choose this package, which includes extra materials and guidance, like feedback on your writing: Usually €7495, now €4495

tom kent

“I was doing too many things by myself.
Esther showed me exactly where in my business I could leverage my time and resources the best.”

Tom Kent, CEO and founder of Career Nerds

What is possible?

Anything is possible! I will listen, get to the essence of your plans, and together we will come up with a strategy to realize them.

Here are three examples of people I have already helped.

  • Tom is CEO and founder of a coaching company with more than 200 clients. He was still doing far too much by himself. Together we clarified what support he needed in order to confidently outsource more work. I helped him hire his first full-time Virtual Assistant in Eastern Europe. Then we looked for other coaches to help his company grow even further.
  • Afke is a multi-talented entrepreneur. She was encouraged to choose one thing and focus on it, but it didn’t feel right. I helped her identify the essence of what she has to offer so that she CAN keep doing all the different things she loves. I challenged her to get out of her comfort zone and try new things so that she can combine all her talents towards her unique strength. I put her in touch with potential customers so that she could demonstrate her added value and become more visible.
  • Willemijn is a manifestation coach with an important message she wants to share in her first book. I helped her with the plan, structure, content, writing process, and decisions she had to make for publication. I am her sparring partner, accountability partner, and motivator. I provide feedback, or a push if she gets stuck.

Do you want to achieve these kinds of results?

Willemijn Welten - From Idea to Book

“The weekly calls with Esther always brought me back to the essence.
She showed me how to distill new insights for anything that happens.”

Willemijn Welten

Why with the ‘No Excuses lady’?

  • In my 35 years as an entrepreneur, no challenge was too big. I use my vast experience to support you to realize your goals.
  • 30 books published over 11 years: I’ll help you to identify and tell your story.
  • More than 1000 keynotes and 500 interviews in the international media: I know how to get your story in the spotlight.
  • How do you achieve great results with minimal resources? I collected €16 million for charity, without a budget: I can help you work smarter, focus on priorities, and leverage your time, energy, and resources for maximum results.
  • Two car accidents, whiplashes, and burnouts taught me to manage my energy better while remaining productive. I like to share my lessons so that you don’t are better placed to understand your own limits.
  • I will meet you where you are. My experience, knowledge, creativity, resources, and even my enormous network are available to you. Feel free to pick my brain.
  • I motivate with a dose of ‘no excuses’ energy and kick your butt if necessary… ????

Please note: because this collaboration is so intensive, I only have three spots available for 1 on 1 coaching.


“I had a great idea, but I was stuck. To really turn it into reality, I needed Esther.
Sharp, creative, and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Marcia ter Laak - van Marion

“One of my biggest eye-openers is to follow my energy.
I am learning to listen better to that subtle voice.”

Marcia ter Laak – van Marion

How does it work?

What can you expect when we work together?

Strategy session – We identify and clarify your goals. If you don’t know exactly what you want, I’ll help you find out.

Action plan – Based on your goals, we make a concrete plan of action.

Weekly calls – We have a 60-90 mins session every week, month or whenever you need it. In doing so, we evaluate your progress, discuss the next steps, and I help you bring everything to a successful conclusion. I will make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goal.

Whatsapp – Do you have a short question in between calls? I am available to you via Whatsapp.


I will be by your side for 3 – 12 months. Can you imagine how much we can achieve together?

This program with 12 one-on-one sessions is only € 3500.


“Esther’s no-nonsense advice and free publicity tips have enabled me to flourish as a speaker and in my business.
She shows how you can be successful AND remain authentic, exactly like she is herself.”

Michèle Sparreboom

3 month coaching special offer

Is this for me?

  • You know what needs to be done, but you need some support, structure, and accountability to make it happen
  • You have a vague idea of what you want, but need to clarify your mission and get laser-focused on how to get there.
  • You feel stuck and want to re-evaluate everything to find your passion/energy/dream
  • You want more freedom and a path to get it
  • You need the support and guidance to rebalance your energy and redefine personal goals to make a leap forward in your life and business.
  • You have a gut feeling that this is the right time to work with me.

If you feel drawn to this offer but want to make sure that we are a great fit before committing, feel free to get in touch.

They did it!

Tom, Wendy, and Willo were ‘brave’ enough to work with me and achieved the results they wanted. Tom upleveled his business, Wendy became location independent and Willo is writing her book.