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Storytelling is ‘hot’. To me it simply means getting to the essence of something. By including examples, personal experiences and details you can make the story or lesson more appealing.

Personally, I have many stories to share from my own experience. I also recognize and discover stories wherever I go. And I help others to see their stories and capture the essence so they can be shared through interviews, books, blogs, websites or in other formats.

“Esther is fast rising in our ranks of best contributor…”

The Economist Intelligence Unit

“Esther gets to the essence of things quickly. Intelligent and skillful communication.”

SVB (Social Security Bureau) Netherlands

“Esther turns the world upside down and shows that around every corner there can be an exciting challenge, fun surprise or beautiful moment.”

Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper)

“Esther elicited unexpected quotes from CEO’s representing more than 50 countries.”

SVB (Social Security Bureau) Austria

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News items

The Economist Intelligence Unit provides detailed country information for investors. For two years I provided political and economical news on the Dutch Caribbean islands. These articles can only be viewed though EIU‘s member website.

I also wrote articles for newspapers Amigoe, Napa Business and Human Interest on Curacao. View everything I wrote (mostly Dutch).


Magazine articles and radio columns

I wrote contributions to various Dutch magazines and websites, like Viva, Management Support Magazine and Kluwermanagement.nl. For the Women’s magazine of The Netherlands biggest newspaper De Telegraaf I was a columnist. And I had a weekly radio column about charities at Desmet Live. View all English articles.


(Co)author of 25 books; like ‘Digital nomads’, ‘What is your excuse? and ‘How to write a book in a week’. View all books.

Writing coach

Organizer of the write your book in one week workshop on Mallorca and other exotic locations. During this writing week and through private coaching I have helped 400 entrepreneurs to write and publish their books. My best tip? Start with the end and write the back cover of your book first. Check out ‘How to write your book in a week‘.