Write your book in Thailand

The beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangan is known for two things: the full moon parties on one side and the spiritual and yoga culture on the other. Of course, we stay on the quiet and beautiful ‘yoga’ side…

Our shared workspace is a beautiful private villa, literally ON the water. Enjoy the peace, the view over the sea, the locals looking for edible shells at low tide, the murmur of the palm trees, the tasty coconuts from the garden, and the wonderful tropical temperature.

You’ll stay near the villa, in a private room directly on or near to the beach. You’ll have your own scooter as a typical local means of transport.

Uwe Allgäuer

“It is great to be part of a group that is eager to deliver results”

Uwe Allgäuer

madeleine muller

“Esther is a writing and marketing wizard! She knows exactly what to write and where to position it on your website and in social media.”

Madeleine Muller

Elena Krasa

“Esther gave me structure and confidence that the writing process would actually end!”

Elena Krasa

madeleine muller

“Lots of value, great location, very reasonable price.”

Madeleine Muller


Experience the relaxed tropical island life as if you were a local…

Of course, the retreat is all about writing. We follow a structured program to get the most out of our time together.  Every morning I give a workshop on a theme that you can apply immediately that day. Lunch is provided in the villa, or we go out to eat, which is very tasty, simple, and fast in Thailand. If you need 1 on 1 guidance, it is always available.

At the end of the afternoon we go for a swim and watch the sunset on a beautiful beach or take a mini excursion. Then we will have dinner in one of the many amazing restaurants. This provides the ideal combination of maximum writing time and still getting a feel for island life. The program and other general information that applies to all of my writing weeks can be found on the writing week page.

The first evening, during the introductory dinner, we’ll decide on the details of the program together. Below are some examples of excursions to get to know the island better:

  • A Thai massage to loosen your (writing) muscles is included in the package. You can choose between a firm full body, back and shoulder, or a relaxing foot massage.

  • A scooter ride to explore some of the nearby beaches

  • Swim, snorkel and watch the sunset on a secret private beach near the villa

  • Dinner on the beach or in the ‘village’; there are so many great restaurants to try!

  • Get Thai coffee on the scooter (!) at a local coffee shop as a break while writing. Or would you prefer a fresh coconut from the garden? Or one of the tasty tropical fruit shakes?

  • Visit one of the many yoga and detox schools, maybe including a yoga class or a healthy meal.

Write you book in Thailand
Write you book in Thailand
Write you book in Thailand
Willo Sana

“I’m already an expert in my field. The only thing still on my wishlist was writing a book. I am so thrilled and honored to have my book published.
Now that I have it on my website, my book is ready for pre-sale and promotion while I am still writing it!”

Willo Sana

madeleine muller

“It is amazing to work with Esther. She understands what you need and she is very open.
Working with her makes you feel that everything is easy!”

Madeleine Muller

Yann Toutant

“Writing a book seemed an unattainable dream. Starting with the back cover, and using it for pre-promotion,
created accountability, which made the dream come true.”

Yann Toutant, CEO Econocom.com

All-inclusive price

Everything is included in this price: beautiful accommodation on the beach, all meals, drinks, snacks, daily writing workshops, private guidance, and excursions. Even your scooter and a Thai massage are included in this special Thailand package. Your only expense is your trip there. The program, general information, and what exactly is included can be found on the writing retreat page.

There is currently no Thailand retreat planned

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Travel info

Some airlines fly directly to the neighboring island of Koh Samui (USM). The alternative is to fly via Bangkok and then take a cheap, short domestic flight to Koh Samui.

From Samui airport, taxi vans go directly to the harbor, where you take the ferry to Koh Phangan. There you will be met and taken to the villa.

You will get your own scooter to move around the island like a local.

Write you book in Thailand
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