Write your book in Mallorca

May 24-31st, 2022

Write your book in Mallorca

You will find a completely different world just a short flight from the European main land. Hidden in the hinterland of this magical island, is a place where time seems to have stood still. I would like to invite you to our writer’s villa in Sineu (pronounce: see-nay-you); a quiet, authentic village in the center of the island. A wonderful place to really get away, to be completely taken care of, and to relax.

I have lived here for many years and know the most special places and the best local restaurants. You will get to see a completely different side of this island, a part that almost nobody knows about. This is my most famous writing retreat; many participants join again or come back to visit ‘my’ village with their family.

What makes this retreat extra special is that my publisher Jan Willem Gerth joins us. He knows everything about (self-)publishing, e-books, printing, distribution and more. We will also be joined by editor and writing coach Birgit Oosterhuis. With her sharp eye and creative mind, she has helped many writers to avoid mistakes or stay on the right track.

Andrea Dronk

“Because of the peace and space you experience here,
my book idea has become tangible.”

Andrea Dronk

Ton Kooiman

“What an incredible week!
Words fall short of what became possible here.”

Ton Kooiman


“Great that these weeks exist,
in which you can fully recharge!”

Sophie Fischer


“Incredibly inspiring to be among such interesting people. Great ideas and tips.
And a great place to work and focus.”

Angelika Kuiper


Naturally, this week is all about writing and we follow a structured program to get the most out of our time together. Every morning I give a workshop on a theme that you can immediately put to use that day. Lunch is provided in the villa, so you can continue working undisturbed. If you need 1 on 1 guidance, it is always available.

At the end of the afternoon or evening, we take a walk or mini-excursion, combined with dinner. This provides the ideal combination of maximum writing time and still seeing the unique aspects of the island. The program and other general information that applies to all of my writing retreats can be found on the writing week page.

The first evening, during the introductory dinner, we’ll decide on the details of the program together. Below are some examples of excursions to get to know the island of Mallorca better:

  • A walk to explore the village

  • Dinner and ice cream in the village square

  • Wednesday is market day in the village. A unique opportunity to visit the largest market in Mallorca, the only one still selling live farm animals

  • My favorite authentic restaurants in surrounding villages, sometimes in ancient wine cellars, hidden from tourists

  • Lunch in ‘my’ village cafe, in the neighboring village, where I used to live.

  • A visit to the finca (farm) that I used to own.

  • A yoga class in the town hall of ‘my’ village.

  • A private dinner at a friend’s beautiful colonial house

  • The beach, the lovely city of Palma, and other sights are never more than 30 minutes away.

  • Depending on the season we can pick our own fruits in the garden, the surrounding land or on the country roads.

Write your book in Mallorca
Writing Retreats
Write your book in Mallorca
Carole Donkers - Books published with Esther’s writing method

“The food is un-be-lie-va-ble and the surroundings inspiring.
I am ready to publish my life story.”

Carole Donkers


“I felt like a racing horse, having been stuck in the start gate for ages.
As soon as it opened, I went for it!”

Jacoline Steegstra

Astrid Write your book in Mallorca

“This carefully chosen environment has its effect.
I am going home with new energy.”


All-inclusive price

Everything is included in this price: accommodation in our own authentic writer’s villa, all meals, drinks, snacks, daily writing workshops, private guidance, and excursions. Your trip to the island is your only expense. The program, general information, and what exactly is included can be found on the writing week page.

Private room:
Regular price €4495

Get more than €1000 discount with the ‘Early-bird deal’


Shared room:
Regular price €3495 p.p.

Get over €1000 discount with the ‘Early-bird deal’


They were in Mallorca

Carol, Willo, Annaliza, and TJ share their experience of the writing retreat.

Travel info

The Writing Retreat starts on the 24th of May at 5 pm with a welcome drink and dinner. It ends after breakfast on March 31st.

Please make sure you arrive in time for the welcome dinner in the villa in Sineu.

Please let me know your travel times, if you arrive at the same time as others, you can share a taxi from the airport (approx. €50). Some participants prefer to rent a car together (super cheap via www.doyouspain.com).

Suggested flights (from Amsterdam) with Transavia:

Outward journey May 24th, 2022:

Amsterdam -> Palma de Mallorca
06h00 – 8h25

Return trip May 30th, 2022:

Palma de Mallorca -> Amsterdam
15h15 – 17h45

Write your book in 1 week on Mallorca

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