Write your book in 1 week

24 – 31 May 2020 in Mallorca, Spain

Would you like to write your book in a week in Mallorca between dips in the pool, whilst eating delicious food and surrounded by interesting people? A ‘workation’ in paradise that is also tax deductible? More than 400 entrepreneurs already published their books: check out the results.

When: 24 – 31 May 2020
Where: In a luxury villa in Sineu, Mallorca. With a beautiful garden with fruit trees, seating areas and beautiful views.
Investment: €1600 – €2450, depending on when you book and whether you share a room or want a private room. All meals, workshops, personal assistance with your book and other activities are included. You just need to cover your flight and your drinks.

Private room in the villa  –  €2450 (Early Bird Price – €2100)

Shared room – €1950 p.p. (Early Bird Price – €1600)

“A must for people who can not find the space to focus on just one thing in their hectic everyday lives.”

Jolanda Wicherson

Give yourself a week to realize your lifelong dream of writing a book. This retreat will be of incredible value, whatever stage your book is at. Whether it is half finished or just an idea, if you don’t return from sunny Mallorca with a complete book, you will have made significant progress and have a clear process for completing, publicizing and promoting it. You will get a lot of energy and inspiration from working alongside like-minded people, as well as advice and support from the pros. Come and enjoy a week of creating in a beautiful location, living a relaxed island life in the sunshine.

Our Dream Location

Mallorca is just 2,5 hour flight from Amsterdam and accessible from many other locations. Our villa is just 30 minutes from the airport by road. We’ll stay in the village of Sineu,  in the middle of the island. The beach, the beautiful city of Palma and other interesting attractions are no more than 30 minutes drive. It is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the rustic charm of the island while being looked after at this great villa.
write Mallorca week

Just as during the successful previous writing weeks (Thailand, Curaçao, Austria and Mallorca), we keep the group small (maximum 10-15 people), so that there is enough personal attention for everyone. You can choose to have your own room to retreat to if you are feeling inspired to write in solitude, or you can white in the lovely garden, under the fruit trees, around the swimming pool, on a terrace in the village, or in one of the cozy corners in the ancient house. If you are stuck or need feedback, there is always someone to help and support you.


Each day begins with a short workshop about writing your book, publishing and promoting it:

  • Self-publish or use a publisher
  • What a publisher pays attention to (also useful if you publish your book yourself)
  • Digital or print?
  • Useful software
  • The writing and editing process
  • Special tips for the back cover, title and cover
  • Promotion of your book
  • Ideas for a successful book

Breakfast and either lunch or dinner are provided in the house to ensure that you have plenty of writing time. The other meal (lunch or dinner) is integrated  with activities such as a walk or excursion. Through this combination you have a lot of writing time, and you also get to take in the wonderful landscape and ambiance of the island. The perfect ‘working holiday’ …

About Esther

I am (co)author of 25 books and have helped about 400 entrepreneurs write and publish theirs. After organizing 15 writing retreats in Thailand, Mallorca, Austria, Greece and on Curacao, I know exactly what writers need to bring their books to life.

I would be delighted to contribute my experience and some practical tips

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor.”
Barbara Sevenstern

“And then, all of a sudden, there was a second book!”
Nienke Bloem

“The publisher said ‘yes’ after Esther helped me with my back cover!”
Jolanda Pikaart

“I also learned a lot about social media.”
Nicole Bekking

“I learned a lot and became very inspired, even infected, by Esther’s energy and confidence.”
Inge Vuijk

“It’s not about the book. It’s about the writing: organizing, processing. I found my voice…”
Selma van der Heiden

More than 400 entrepreneurs already published their books: check out the results.

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The Writing Week starts around 5 o’clock on 24 May with a welcome drink and dinner.

If several people arrive on the same flight, a taxi can be shared from the airport (around € 50-60). Some participants prefer to rent a car together (super cheap via www.doyouspain.com).

Whichever option you choose, please ensure that you arrive at the villa on time.

Writing your book is easier than you think!

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