Turn your knowledge or story into a book

From idea to book online workshop – August 6th

In this live and interactive workshop, I will share my personal experiences and lots of practical tips. How to write a book that readers want to read, how to get started, how to prevent getting stuck, and how to stay motivated. You will also learn the best-kept secrets of successful authors. In the end, you’ll know how to turn your knowledge or story into a great book and make the writing experience easier and faster than you think.

You will receive a replay of the workshop so that you can go through it at your own pace, even if you miss it.

Join this workshop to learn about:

  • My controversial ‘Reverse Writing’ method:
  • Starting with your back cover
  • Outlining before writing
  • Following your energy, not your page numbers
  • Starting promotion at the same time as you start writing
  • How to get started, not get stuck, how to stay motivated
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • A wealth of tips on how to create a book that people want to read, with a minimum of stress and effort.

This workshop is for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

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Success story

TJ Halbertsma is an ‘ordinary’ guy, who does extraordinary things. As a banker in London, he wears a suit and works in an office every day. In his ‘spare time’, however, he likes to go on extreme adventures; climbing the highest mountains, crossing the Arctic and Antarctic, swimming the ‘escape from Alcatraz’ and more.

After only one of my workshops, he wrote an inspiring book, tying all his experiences together, showing his readers that anything is possible.

You can hear all about it in this inspiring interview. TJ talks about he turned his adventures into a book, the writing process, the speaking engagements, the contribution to charity and the other things that writing this book have brought to his life.

‘From idea to book’ workshop series

How about spending this summer writing that book that has been on your mind for so long? Everything you need to know is covered in seven weekly online workshops and a Q&A session.

We’ll cover a different topic every Thursday, so you learn everything you need to write, promote and publish your book. On top of that, I will also teach you some handy skills regarding free publicity and outsourcing, useful for every entrepreneur!

You can mix & match individual workshops based on your needs & interests. Do you want to join all 7? Take advantage of the special deal for all 7 workshops plus a live Q&A session:

July 9th

July 16th

July 23rd

August 6th

August 13th

August 20th

Storytelling for fiction  and non fiction writers

August 27th

Q&A – July 30th

“This is about working smarter, not harder. I feel empowered by Esther’s strategies and will start publishing my book.”

Jan Roos

“I’m already an expert in my field. The only thing on my wish list was writing a book.”

Willo Sana

“Writing a book seemed impossible. Using the back cover for pre-promotion made all the difference.”

Yann Toutant – CEO Econocom.com

“I’ve finally found a way to write and publish my book without delaying other projects.”


“Brilliant! The publisher immediately said YES after Esther helped me with my back cover!”

Jolanda Pikaart

“Esther gave me the structure and confidence to actually finish my story.”

Elena Krasa

“This approach is magical! After I wrote the back cover, I was amazed to see the entire table of contents created in a single go.”

Jan van Kuijk

“Writing my book was a great experience. One I can recommend to everyone.”

Adrian Luna – Certified Ontological Coach

“Esther has the gift of seeing people. My inner writer feels nourished, seen and happy to share.”

Eliane Haseth

“I got a lot of tips for writing fiction and was even inspired to write a non-fiction book!”

Tamara Neuman

“I announced my book online and sold 100 books in 1 day!”

Anne-Lies Bloei

I’ve authored and co-authored over 25 books, been a writing coach for over 400 people and organized 20 writing retreats. I’ve discovered the best system to write a great book within 1 week to 6 months. Care to join over 400 non-writers who managed to get their books written & published in no time using my Reverse writing method? Among them CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and countless other professionals. Check out a selection of their books.

Learn more about me on Who’s that girl?

“The tragedy of life is that you live it start to end, but you can only understand it in reverse. One way to at least overcome this when writing a book is using the reverse writing method that Esther explained during her workshop. You start with the back cover text and design. Next you begin promoting and selling the concept. Only then do you start writing. It’s kind of tragic that I only understand this now that my book Stress-free leadership is almost finished.”

Niels van Steenbergen