Tango as a mirror

Workshops and private classes by Adrian and Mora

I am so excited that my friends and tango teachers Adrian and Mora are back in Amsterdam this month (September)!

You can find tango teachers and classes anywhere. Most teach you just steps. What made my classes in Buenos Aires so interesting is the ‘mirror’ my teacher Adrian offered me. Dance is more about the connection than the steps. Learning to dance offers a rare opening and understanding of your own psyche. I wrote the blog ‘Life lessons from tango about this and I hope many people will share my experience.

“Rather than with the feet, dancing is done with the heart…”

Adrian and Mora’s first two visits to The Netherlands (April/May – Sept/Oct 2016) were so successful, and so many dancers and friends wanted to see and work with them again, that I invited them back to Holland this month. Our dancers, teachers and coaches will offer private classes and corporate workshops ‘Tango as a mirror’. Get an introduction to tango or deepen your understanding of the dance, but most importantly, learn more about yourself (and others.)

Private Classes with Adrian & Mora

Private classes are for individuals or couples in Amsterdam

A unique experience. No dance experience required.

There are some spots available during their last days: September 26th – Oct 2nd.

1 hour class- €75

1.5 hour class- €95

Please email Adrian at tangolunaypasion@gmail.com to book in a date, time and location for your private session, or enquire about a corporate workshop.

“Like an ‘urban shaman’, Adrian guides me to be more aware of my energy and manage my exchange/interaction with others.”

Esther Jacobs

“Adrian’s eye-opening style demonstrated the richness of Argentine Tango”

Paul de Blot – Nyenrode University

“Adrian’s highly developed intuition and personal experience with energy management complement his excellent coaching skills”

Esther Jacobs

“If you want to get the feel of what Tango is all about, then I highly recommend taking workshops with Adrian”

Diane Van Der Marel

The workshops ‘Tango as a mirror’ are interesting for people who want to get an introduction to tango, as an extra tool for coaches and will provide valuable HRM skills to entrepreneurs and managers.

You don’t need any previous dance or tango experience, but if you do, it will give you a deeper understanding.

Bring a partner if you like, but it is not necessary; you can also join by yourself.

The workshops are both for individuals and organizations.

If you are, or know, an organization interested in a corporate workshop in September, please contact us for a custom proposal.

Adrian Luna is certified ontological coach, speaker, author and social dancer. He has been involved with tango since his adolescence and, as a result of his experience; he is challenging the current learning model by proposing the Coach as an alternative to “tango steps teachers.” He has given talks and tango workshops in Argentina and Europe, with primary school children, at universities and at cultural centers, among other places.

Mora Sanchez is a professional dancer and dance teacher. She is owner and Co-director of Art Studio Inclan, it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the Buenos Aires Legislature, for the large mural on its facade, called: “La Sonrisa de Gardel.” She is Semifinalist of the “Mundial de Tango” – Winner of the 1st position “World Dance Experience: Argentina” Latin Category. She has given talks and tango workshops in Argentina and Europe, with primary school children, at universities and at cultural centers, among other places.

 “Welcome to the fascinating world where we communicate with our feelings”

To dance Tango is a very special interaction; a conversation with emotions and feelings. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know ourselves, and others around us, better. We go beyond the words and speeches that we know so well.

The value isn’t in our answers but in our questions.

During the workshop we are not going to tell you “how to dance tango” but we will present you with different elements, so you can build your own concept of the dance.

Besides dancing some really nice tangos, we intend to provide you more awareness:

  • What awareness do I have of my body? And my partner’s body?
  • What is my relationship with the space, the music and the silences – these shall be danced too 😉
  • How do I feel about a “mistake”? (Do mistakes even exist in an emotional conversation?).
  • How do I feel when my partner is not doing what I want to do?
  • Do I accept my limitations? Can I recognize them? If I don’t, how can I overcome them?
  • Which are my expectations when I’m dancing?
  • What is my source of power, or energy?

“Rather than with the feet, dancing is done with the heart…”