Can a sales funnel lead to more freedom?

Sales Funnel Webinar

Passive income

For most people, freedom is associated with financial independence. The way to achieve that (except for winning the lottery) is to create a passive income. Instead of exchanging your hours for money (which is not scaleable), you create a steady stream of income that is not related to the number of hours you put in. Note that a ‘passive income’ is not ‘passive’ at all; you still have to work for it, you just work smarter, on a scaleable model.

Sales funnel?

For example, you offer a webinar or free give away that leads to a cheap product, which leads to a premium product. People buy things and become loyal clients without you having to actively do anything. This is called a ‘sales funnel’. I had heard about it many times, but had no idea what it actually was. I was used to doing everything one on one and thought this could not work for me. Until I met John, a sales funnel expert who made it understandable, logical, practical, easy and actually fun!

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On January 15th at 8PM (Amsterdam time) I am interviewing John Ainsworth as part of my One Year to Freedom (OYTF) program. It will be a value-packed hour full of examples and tips, so you can set up or improve your own sales funnel. Because I want to share this important knowledge with as many people as possible, I am offering the possibility to join this member-exclusive webinar. Non-members can join for just €95. If you want to move forward on your way to more freedom and decide to join the OYTF program afterwards, you will get this money back.

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