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Why reinvent the wheel, when you can learn from my experiences and insights? I’m happy to share them with you in the programs below – stacked with inspiration and practical tips.

“I enjoyed the visual examples, personal anecdotes, and nice presentation.
Very thorough and informative. Great food for thought.”

Jesse Sirkus-Brown

“Valuable insights, practical tips, interesting examples;
I am ready for action!”


“Esther knows her stuff and she
practices what she preaches.”

Cat Colnot, freelancer

“Clear valuable examples.”

Paulinen Franken

“Esther clearly explained her take on social media.
This made me see the bigger picture and how powerful it is for branding.”

Melanie Richards, Brand & Digital Strategist @

“Esther’s course is refreshing and fun, because of her unique take
and the many inspiring examples she uses.”

Martijn Baarda, Brand Architect – GROWINSKY

“Only 30 minutes into the course I saw 3 weak spots in my approach and how to fix them.
Now I have my strategy down and know exactly what to do”

Till Carlos, Entrepreneur

“I was energized by the presentation, the concepts are very interesting.
I can’t wait to start to use this information to reach my goals.”

Marieke van Asten

“Lively, authentic
and heartful”

Cora Angelika Schwindt

“It’s great! got so much knowledge about what mistakes we intentionally
or unintentionally make when posting up on social media.”

Muhammad Sami

“Esther understands it is about the message, not the messenger, and she explains that perfectly.”

Willemijn van Dolen, Professor of Marketing,
University of Amsterdam Business School