Using freelancers for design and outsourcing

A workshop for writers, speakers and entrepreneurs who want to successfully outsource projects online

Workshop: Using freelancers for design and outsourcing
  • Do you want to make your life and business more effective by engaging freelancers?
  • Do you want to learn the tactics where and how to find and hire the best talent?
  • Do you want to overcome the hurdles and get the best value work done without stress?
  • Platforms, strategies and tactics for getting outsourcing done effectively.
  • Hands-on practice: we’ll search and select together, write an instruction and get your first project outsourced for as little as $5!

This workshop was originally conceived as a way to help writers hire a designer to create book covers, edit manuscripts and other tasks in relation to book writing. Using book cover design as an example, these methods and tactics are equally applicable to all business owners.

Join writers, speakers and other entrepreneurs in this hands-on workshop about how to outsource tasks to freelancers for as little as $5!

Date: Thursday 14th May, (8 – 9.30 PM  Amsterdam time; 2- 3.30 PM New York; 11AM -12.30PM California)

Location: Online

Investment:  just €47 (appr. $50)

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Mariska Helling - Workshop: Using freelancers for design and outsourcing

“What I learned from Esther is that you should only do the things that you are good at. It is better to leave the rest to other people.”

Mariska Helling, entrepreneur

Connie - Maathuis - Workshop: Using freelancers for design and outsourcing

“A growth gift to yourself and your company!”

Connie Maathuis, entrepreneur