One year to freedom

Mastermind group: location independent freedom, minimalist living, travel & entrepreneurship

One year to a life as a location independent entrepreneur, or more freedom in general.

A full year program for a one-time payment of just €995

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Are you considering a location independent lifestyle or are you already on the road? Do you want more freedom in your life, even if you don’t travel?

As The Netherlands’ no 1 digital nomad and ‘No excuses lady’ I will give you personal guidance, feedback, experiences and tips to more freedom, to live location independently and to up-level your business.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have been location independent for around 15 years. I was location independent before the word ‘digital nomad’ became popular, and before this lifestyle was digital… I has been interviewed more than 500 times and am also the author of two books on this topic.

Would you like to live, work & play like a digital nomad with an expert by your side???

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”

- Seth Godin

This unique coaching series and Mastermind group includes

  • Tips, guidance and feedback for both experienced and new nomads and entrepreneurs.

  • Accountability that you need to make sure you follow through on your dreams.

  • 12  group call sessions. One call per month, every month, during a year. That means 12 amazing content rich, tip-filled calls and time to ask all your questions.

  • The calls will be on different days and at different times each month, so that everybody can attend, wherever they are in the world.

  • All previously recorded calls. Since the Mastermind group has been going for almost a year, you’ll get two years worth of information for the price of just one year.

  • Guest appearances by experts who share their experiences / expertise specific areas such as a representative from Estonia to talk about e-Residency and setting up a company there, an international tax advisor, a successful social entrepreneur etc.

  • Some popular topics will be repeated, so you don’t have to miss out if you can’t make it one month.

  • Exclusive membership of a secret FB group for interaction with Esther and the other group members, to share experiences, ask questions and to give and get feedback between the calls.

“We are travelling the world in a van with our family. To achieve this freedom, we needed to take some steps.
In ‘One Year to Freedom’ we found the guidance and insights we needed to get from where we were to where we want to be.”

Wendy and Johan

“The call with the Ministry of Estonia was so useful: I set up my business there with the info and tips given during the call.”


“It is valuable to be part of this mastermind group as I grow my online business and grow as a person”


“I follow Esther with great joy! I really appreciate how ‘unapologetic’ she is, of her work, inspiration and brave journey. ”

May Rompas

The results you can expect

  • Turn your dream life into reality. Step by step.

  • Meet like-minded people, share experiences and ideas.

  • Get answers to your questions. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from experienced location independent entrepreneurs and experts.

  • Get assignments (if you like) to try new things and put tips into practice.

  • Get you set up for your location independent life, and if you are already living it, up-level your business for even more freedom.

This is a very special offer...

My time is usually worth €350 for a one-on-one session and €95 pp for a workshop. I understand that this is out of reach for many, so I have created this group coaching series to give more people the opportunity to realize their potential. Comparable programs are often €5000 per year. ‘One year to freedom’ is just €995 per year.

You will receive videos with information, tips and assignments to watch whenever is convenient for you, plus you’re invited to attend 12 group coaching calls where you can ask all your questions. On top of that, I offer membership of the exclusive FB Mastermind group.

Get an entire year of coaching calls, information and support for just €995.

Hurry, the next call is coming up!

Yes, I want to start my One Year To Freedom, now!


The following topics have already been covered; you’ll get the recordings for free when you sign up now.

1) Freedom: What does Freedom mean to you and how do you get more of it?
– A video introducing freedom and what it might mean to you
– A visualisation exercise
– A question and answer session around freedom

2) The Six Flag Theory: How to set up an international life. Legal and tax aspects. Residency and registration, setting up an international company, taxes, finances, insurance etc. With special guest Varun Sharma from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia about e-Residency and the advantages of setting up a company in Estonia.
– A worksheet to clarify your flag theory
– A session with an expert in Estonian e-residency and valuable links and information

3) Life as a digital nomad/location independent entrepreneur

  • living; travel, housing, expenses etc.
  • communication (staying connected on the move)
  • work/productivity
  • A day in the life of…

4) Social entrepreneurship across the globe, a fascinating discussion with Stella Romana Airoldi of 22Stars, who set up a social enterprise selling jewellery made by women in the slums of Uganda, supporting over 300 families!

5) Running a local business remotely. Interview with Neel Parekh, who runs his local Los Angeles cleaning business ‘MaidThis’ remotely, with a global team. In this video call, he not only explains step by step HOW he does this but also gives lots of ideas and tips on how to start your own business. Without any big investment, with hardly any risk. If you are looking for a business opportunity, this is definitely a must watch.

6) eCommerce and Drop Shipping. Value bomb! Dropshipping tips on how to become financially independent and create a ’passive’ income. Shamangy Tel earns €500 per day with her own dropshipping webshop. She is a source of inspiration and practical information; she shares her story and ‘secrets’ in this call.

7) Working with (or as) a virtual assistant (why would you want one, what can they do, where do you find them, how to hire, how to monitor, how much do you pay?) Lesley Arnold is Esther’s virtual assistant and an entrepreneur in her own right. She lives in Vietnam where she does a multitude of things as well as helping Esther. On this call she shares her wealth of knowledge about working online, freelancing and being a virtual assistant. This call is very useful for people looking to hire a team or wanting to be part of one.

8) Travel with kids in the school-going age. We interview a Dutch family traveling with 3 kids of school age. How do the deal with the strict schooling laws? How does homeschooling work? What tips do they have for traveling with kids?

9) Remote work: How do big corporates look at location independence, what are their challenges and what can freelancers learn, benefit and contribute? Very important: what language should they use to get projects?

10) Real estate as passive income: Esther shares her real estate tips and experiences along with a global expert. How can you invest with very minimal capital? How do you do research in an unknown market? Do you choose to do renovations or buy ready apartments? What other opportunities are there to make real estate your passive income source?

11) Tips and tricks.  Chris Reynolds of The Business Method podcast and Get Sh*t Done productivity joined us for our discussion ab0ut the do’s and don’ts and how to avoid the most common mistakes to maximize your success for a location independent life, business or career. We also discussed podcasting, productivity and business.

The following topics will be covered in the next months.
Requests for topics are also possible.

12) Side Hustles and Location Independent Business Models. Preparing for a life of freedom

13) Minimizing (how to have access to stuff without owning it) / digitizing (how to have access to all your docs)

14) Productivity/ skill exchange

  • the best software, hardware, apps and tech tricks for location independent entrepreneurs
  • productivity/focus hacks

15) How to up-level your business once you have been a location independent entrepreneur for a while

16) Visibility / personal branding / social media

17) Tribe/community (how/where to meet other digital nomads, relationships, places/events to visit)

Each topic will be explained in a video which you can watch whenever is convenient for you. Then we’ll have a monthly call where you can ask all your questions on the topic, plus a ‘Mastermind’ part where each participant is guided in their own situation and a Q&A session where participants can ask any question or share any tips they may have.

Yes, I want freedom!