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Where is Esther?

  • 22nd  March until travel is possible agail: taking care of my father in Miami

  • 8th April: Digital Nomad Workshop, Online

  • 11-16th April: Puglia, Italy???

  • 14th May: inspiration session for NOBCO (Dutch Order of Professional Coaches) about ‘the authenticity of a coach’.

  • 13th June: From idea to book workshop (in Dutch), Amsterdam

  • 18th June: Keynote for Future Females  – ‘Presentation & influence’, Utrecht, NL.

  • 1-7th July: London for DCx conference

  • 23rd July – 13th August: Colorado, USA

  • 13th August – 16th September: USA & Canada

  • 10-13th Sept: Fireside (un)conference at Lake Walden, Canada. Join me by buying an early bird pass or with a $500 discount on the regular price by using code ‘esther’

  • 24th Sept: Workshop: How to turn anything in to a business, Amsterdam.

  • 1-5th Oct: Mykonos, Greece

  • 6th Oct – 30th Nov: Thailand

  • 7-12th Oct: Write your book in 1 week retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

  • 13-18th Oct: ‘Write your book in one week’ and ‘Natural public speaking’ presentation at the DCBKK conference for location independent entrepreneurs in Bangkok.

  • March 2021: Curaçao for writing retreat and book writing workshops

  • 11-17th March 2021: Write your book in one week retreat, Curaçao


As a Location Independent Entrepreneur, I don’t have a mailing address.
I prefer email. If you must send me something via regular mail, please check with me first.

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