5 minutes of inspiration – Summer 2016

5 minutes of inspiration – Summer 2016 2017-07-07T22:32:37+00:00

Many people recharge and find new inspiration during the summer months. For me it’s the other way around: I spent some ‘quiet time’ in Amsterdam (with trips to Barcelona, Prague and Cape Town, South Africa), which allows me to sift through all my (travel) experiences of the past year. I chose some light, short material for you in this newsletter. Creativity and fun; just what you need right now!

5 minutes of fun

Funny Faces
These dogs enjoying car rides are guaranteed to make you smile!

High energy creativity 

Yoga balls are not just for yoga…enjoy this video!

Raining Poetry

Boston’s sidewalks are covered in poems you can only see when it rains.
By the way, did you know that the tiny Dutch island of Vlieland has beach trucks that leave poems in the sand?

Creative Thinking

Upside Down Can

People just would not shake Orangina’s orange juice can, even though it was clearly indicated that shaking was necessary to mix the juice and pulp. The company then found a creative design solution for this ‘consumer behavior problem’.

Hermit housing

Great PR: this architect firm provides houses for hermit crabs.

Pop up stores for the homeless

A unique shopping experience for homeless people. Simple and effective charity.

Travel with me

Check my favorite spots in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague, or read my blogs about Cape Town.

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How to light your fire without a burnout

As a pioneer, how do you stand tall when everything and everybody seems to be turning against you? In this very personal speech I share my journey and lessons learned, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.
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